About Kherk Roldan

Hi everyone, my name is Kherk Roldan. I have been in this industry since 2011, helping business owners to increase their traffic using SEO and Google Ads

Before anything else, I’d like to tell you my story and where my journey begins

I was a fresh nursing graduate, and at that time, working abroad was the biggest buzzword for fresh graduates. I don’t really see myself doing that and I don’t have any interest in working abroad and leaving my family behind either. I just wanted to follow what my parents wanted me to do, out of love and respect. But then when I graduated, I wanted to show them it’s possible that I can earn what they expect me to earn abroad, here, staying with them.

So, I thought of a way to generate money using my own computer, just did a search on Google, and voila, online jobs everywhere! Back then, I was really amazed, it was my first time looking into job opportunities online, to take note that you are just working from the comforts of your home and pajamas! HAHA. Anyway, luckily I had a neighbor who was already working an online job and is earning a good amount of money, so I asked him how to do it and I watched several videos on YouTube as well.

In 2016 I had a client who has an eCommerce business and that is where I started to incorporate SEO into eCommerce and google ads as well.

I fell in love with the process of eCommerce SEO and Google ads, and the way you can generate sales to your online store with it. So I decided to create my own store, built it, and did SEO. At first, I failed as I didn’t have time to focus and got a lot of clients that time. 2017 I decided to focus on building my store and make it profitable until now. 

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What other students say about me?

Narz Paraguya
Narz Paraguya Designation

This guy is a real deal! Kherk Roldan master his craft in SEO and Organic traffic. He walk his talk and I'm so happy that he share his secret method to the E-com community with a Gold or even priceless value. He's crushing it with ZERO ad spent. Yes you heard it right zero ad cost. I strongly recommend to listen to him and follow his training program. I personally follow it.

Julius Tamayo Designation

Hindi ko pa nagamit sa website ko yung mga tinura ni Kherk Roldan pero nagamit ko sa LAZADA seller's account ko at naging consistent 7 figures monthly ang balik skn. Excited na akong gamitin lahat ng tinuro mo bro sa website ko. Maraming salamat. Ito yung isa sa pinaka the best course na nakuha ko mula nuong nag start ako sa ecommerce business..

Trixie Tagurda Designation

I am very local naman sa pagka amazed ko sa SEO or magic ng keywords simula ng makilala ko si coach Kherk. That's why inaral ko din talaga how it works and how I can apply it sa business ko. Lalo na yung mga secrets tools na tinuro ni Coach. Sulit na sulit ang SEO course, Lalo na ngayon napakahigpit sa FB Ads. Buti nalang my alternative na di talaga kailangan gumastos sa Ads.

Ruben Cabantog
Ruben Cabantog Designation

SEO maybe one of those neglected topics in ecom industry in our country. Maka FB ads lang and messenger ok na. But after watching some modules in the tutorial made me realized one thing. Data is King. Kherk made an easy to understand and execute approach on how to do SEO for ecommerce. Drive organic traffic to your shops as easy as 1,2,3.

Lhey Armedilla Designation

Thank you coach Kherk for sharing with us your experience and knowledge regarding SEO. is well structured and easy to understand. very well design that is perfect for someone who is new to field of SEO! This will be very helpful for us especially those who are running FB ads. Getting sales and traffic organically is what I'm looking forward in the future. I' am really excited to apply all your lessons in my store.

    Kherk Roldan SEO

    Kherk Roldan Highlights

    I created Kherkroldanseo.com to provide a range of training courses and tutorials for anyone looking to learn about SEO. I am a Philippine-based Ecommerce SEO Expert who has been in the industry for 10 years now.

    • Started and Introduced SEO & Google Adwords in the Philippines E-commerce Community
    • Recognized as one of the top SEO experts in the Philippines’ ecommerce industry.
    • Featured in one of the leading ecommerce company in the Philippines, Lastride international
    • Featured in yahoo, semrush, SEO summit Mastery, and more
    • Brand Owner at BeFit Slimming Coffee
    • CEO and Founder of The SEO Movement
    • CEO and Founder of The Ecom Movement
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