Bathroom Remodel Case Study

Client’s Niche:
Bathroom Remodel

The Website Overview

Our client’s website is a testament to the same precision, creativity, and attention to detail that define our physical remodeling projects. Crafted with the user experience in mind, our online space mirrors the seamless and elegant transformations we bring to your bathrooms. The client approached us seeking to enhance their Google My Business (GMB) presence. Their comprehensive offerings, from bathroom design to conversions, needed better visibility on Google.

The Biggest Challenge

Before partnering with us, Bradenton Bathroom Remodels faced a significant challenge with their Google My Business (GMB) ranking. Despite robust website traffic, GMB’s performance lagged.
The root causes were identified as:
  1. Lack of key phrase-focused URL.
  2. Insufficient webpage authority.
  3. Limited depth and key phrase focus.
  4. Suboptimal user interaction signals.
  5. Lack of post-launch content updates for on-page SEO.

The Solution

In addressing these challenges, we implemented strategic changes. Adjusting the profile’s primary category was akin to recalibrating their focus. The impact was substantial – the GMB listing rose from 6.92 to an impressive 1.81 in rankings. This transition wasn’t merely a switch; it was a meticulous process that considered the existing strength of the GMB profile, incorporating regular reviews and content updates.

The Results

Under the expertise of our team, the site achieved a remarkable GMB ranking of 1.81 within two and a half months. This involved meticulous attention to detail, addressing key challenges, and leveraging our company’s dedication and expertise.

Key Results

  • Ranking Improvement: Moved from an initial position to 1.81.
  • Increased Visibility: Achieved higher visibility across relevant searches.
  • Enhanced User Engagement: Optimized user interaction signals for better rankings.
We demonstrated its prowess in transforming a modest GMB presence into a dominant force for bathroom remodeling. Our meticulous approach to SEO, content optimization, and category recalibration resulted in a remarkable 1.81 ranking, showcasing the tangible impact of our commitment to excellence.
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