Club Membership Case Study

Client’s Niche:
Club Membership

The Website Overview

This website, is dedicated to club membership which is the niche of their website and it represents the prestigious business of our client. A haven for those seeking exceptional golf, dining, and social experiences, it stands out by curating a tapestry of moments that enrich each member’s visit. The goal is not merely to provide amenities but to create a mosaic of memorable experiences.

The Biggest Challenge

The site faced challenges in garnering traffic to its Google My Business (GMB) Page. Despite substantial organic traffic, GMB was not performing optimally. Challenges included:
1.  Intent Misalignment: The GMB intent did not align with the target audience, resulting in rankings for irrelevant terms.
2.  Underutilization of Primary Category: The initial GMB profile failed to leverage the primary category’s significance in ranking.

The Solution

By strategically switching the profile’s primary category to better align with the target audience (e.g., from general “club” to specific “private members club”), the GMB performance witnessed a significant boost. This change, coupled with ongoing efforts to maintain a robust GMB profile, contributed to the overall success.

The Results

Our team took charge of optimizing the GMB for Grande Dunes Members Club, propelling its ranking to an impressive 1.93 within just 2 months. This drastic improvement showcased our expertise in overcoming challenges and achieving top-tier GMB rankings.

Key Results

  • Initial Rank: Not ranked in the top positions.
  • Final Rank: Achieved an outstanding 1.93.
  • Lead Increase: Significantly boosted inbound leads, marking a notable uptick in first-time customer calls.
We demonstrated unparalleled dedication and expertise, transforming a struggling GMB into a top-ranking asset for our client’s business. This case study exemplifies our commitment to delivering tangible results and making the seemingly impossible possible.
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