Coastal Clicks Case Study

Client’s Niche:
Internet Marketing Service

The Website Overview

Our client crafted a website for their digital marketing agency dedicated to serving local businesses coast to coast. Specializing in proven search marketing techniques, they aim to increase leads for businesses through tailored strategies optimized to attract clients in need of their services.

The Biggest Challenge

The client approached us intending to enhance their Google My Business (GMB) page’s performance. Despite receiving substantial traffic from Google, their GMB rankings were not reflective of their potential. 
Through an analysis of GMB insights, it was evident that the intent behind their content was slightly misaligned. The agency was ranking for terms that weren’t optimizing their visibility on GMB. Here are some reasons why their GMB page didn’t rank:
  • Use of the Wrong Keywords
  • Limited Indexing of the Website by Google
  • Absence of Authoritative Backlinks
  • No Penalties Imposed by Google
  • Impact of Recent Google Algorithm Updates

The Solution

Working closely with our client, we addressed these challenges systematically. A comprehensive keyword strategy was implemented to ensure alignment with user intent. We optimized the website for better indexing, established authoritative backlinks, and ensured compliance with the latest Google algorithms. Our collaboration involved refining their GMB profile, emphasizing relevant keywords, and enhancing overall visibility.

The Results

After implementing these changes, the site achieved a remarkable improvement in its GMB rankings. The listing climbed from an initial position of 20.56 to an impressive spot of 1.52.
This positive shift was accompanied by an increase in visibility across various locations, contributing to a surge in leads and inquiries.

Key Results

  • Improved GMB Ranking: From 20+ to 1.52
  • Enhanced Visibility Across Multiple Locations
  • Increased Inquiries and Lead Generation Coast to Coast
This case study exemplifies our commitment to delivering tangible results for our clients. Our client GMB rank journey from a suboptimal GMB ranking to a prominent position of 1.52 demonstrates the efficacy of our tailored strategies and expertise in navigating the challenges of digital marketing.
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