Composite Decking Case Study

Client’s Niche:
Composite Decking

The Website Overview

Our client created a website for the composite decking niche, which stands as a distinguished force in the industry. The company has established a reputation for excellence, specializing in providing top-tier composite decking solutions. 
The website, though informative, wasn’t translating its strength into GMB visibility. Prospective customers searching for composite decking solutions were not being directed to the client’s GMB page, impacting potential leads. Our mission was clear: bridge the gap between the impressive website and GMB visibility to ensure the client’s excellence was prominently featured in local search results.

The Biggest Challenge

Upon analysis, we identified several challenges affecting the client’s GMB ranking:
– Incomplete Google My Business Dashboard Information
– Insufficient Business Verification
– Lack of Photos in the Listing
– Limited or Absent Customer Reviews
– Infrequent Business Information Updates
– Incorrect Business Categorization
– Suboptimal Overall SEO

The Solution

Our strategic approach addressed each challenge methodically. By optimizing the business category, updating information, encouraging customer reviews, and refining the overall SEO strategy, we propelled their GMB profile to new heights. The careful selection of the primary category significantly impacted the page’s rank, demonstrating the importance of thorough market analysis.

The Results

In just 2 months and 2 weeks, the collaboration with our team brought about remarkable outcomes for their GMB site. The GMB page now holds the coveted rank of 1.05, a testament to the efficacy of our tailored solutions. 

Key Results

  • Improved GMB Rank: 1.05
  • Increased Customer Calls: 100%
  • Enhanced Customer Engagement: More Reviews, Photos, and Information

We successfully elevated our client’s GMB ranking from its previous challenges to an outstanding 1.00 position. This case study illustrates our commitment to overcoming diverse obstacles and achieving remarkable results for our clients in the competitive roofing contractor niche.

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