Daryl Rosser Interview: How online stores can drive organic traffic

An Interview With Daryl Rosser

Welcome to our eCommerce SEO interview with Daryl Rosser

Daryl has been building a website since he was 13 years old, but it wasn’t until he was 16 that he turned those sites into a business via affiliate marketing. He teaches advanced SEO strategies to other SEO agencies and consultants. This guy made $22,00 in ONE day when he was only 17 years old. 

He is featured on the Ahrefs blog, SearchEngineJournal, Chiang Mai SEO Conference, Vietnam SEO Summit, Empire Flippers, and other SEO sites. He teaches advanced SEO strategies to other SEO agencies and consultants, He is the founder of one of the largest SEO FB Groups in the industry and the legendary Lion Zeal podcasts.

Topics Covered

  • About Daryl Rosser(01:27)
  • How he generated USD 22k in One day. (02:51)
  • Benefits with SEO in an online store (04:30)
  • The biggest problem he encountered when handling eCommerce sites. (06:15)
  • Most important aspects of technical SEO. (07:50)
  • SEO strategy for a new eCommerce website. (09:24)
  • Strategy for Ecommerce site vs non-ecommerce site. (10:45)
  • Common problem in eCommerce sites now (12:22)
  • How important is on-page optimization for an online store? (14:37)
  • Is link building for online store needed? (16:20)
  • He's link building tactics for E-com store (16:45)
  • Guest posting strategy (18:11)
  • keywords research strategy for eCommerce sites (19:40)
  • Blogging for eCommerce site works (22:16)
  • He's best SEO accomplishment (24:25)
  • He's new Ecommerce SEO Agency (26:05)
  • Increase rankings for keywords (29:40)
  • How site speed affects SEO (32:00)
  • Best ecommerce platform (32:48)
  • How to start an SEO Specialist (34:08)
  • Advice for people who start eCommerce SEO business (37:31)


Hunter (Find email addresses in seconds)

Semrush (Keyword Research, SEO Audits, and more)

Surfer SEO (SEO tool for onpage)
Daryl Rosser (Youtube Channel)

Lion Zeal  (Daryl website)

Lion Zeal Mastermind ( Daryl FB Group)


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