Dropshipping in the Philippines: Does it really work?


Are you an online seller? Do you have a shop in Lazada or Shopee?

Considering dropshipping in the Philippines as a business?

If you are Pinoy and haven’t heard of dropshipping at all, you won’t be the first to say so. 

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Dropshipping has been in the international market for many years now but has made an appearance into the local scene fairly recently. However, thanks to BilisBenta and other dropshipping businesses in the Philippines, its debut has helped hundreds of Filipinos earn six figures even during the pandemic. And we’re still talking about traditional dropshipping. 

But what is dropshipping? 

Traditional business involves a seller who buys products from a supplier, usually in bulk to cut costs in delivery and purchase. Every time a customer makes an order, in Lazada, for example, the seller would then pack the items ordered and inform the affiliated logistic company. The items are then picked up and delivered.  

Dropshipping is more convenient. Customers make an order, the seller takes the order and informs the supplier, who then makes the delivery to the customer. Take note that it is the supplier who makes the delivery. The seller doesn’t need a storage facility to house the products or even touch the product. Sounds great, right?  

But wait, BilisBenta has upped the ante. Forged new bridges. Blazed the trail. 

In a live YouTube (yes, it was free) interview, Mr. Chester Sy, the CEO of Bilisbenta narrated his humble beginnings, how the business came to be, and how you yourself can benefit from his revolutionary BilisBenta.

A Short Introspection

Mr. Chester Sy is a businessman, through and through. Although now successful, he tasted lugi early in his career. Even while he was still studying HRM in the University of San Tomas, he was already investing in a business that unfortunately did not last long after his graduation. There were multiple attempts soon after, both as an employee and as an employer.  Watch my interview with Chester Sy here

He and his wife invented the now Precious Herbal Pillow, which is now patented. But his big break did not come until 2015 when he secured a digital store in Lazada selling watches. His shop was one of the first stores to open during the budding Lazada years. Maraming horror stories noon ang Lazada, magulo pa yung sistema. Wala pang COD nun, he quips. 

Fortunately, he became one of the top sellers and represented Lazada in an Alibaba event overseas. The experience was an eye-opener. He was housed in a hotel that took care of its clients through robots. This was where the beginnings of BilisBenta came to be. 

Dropshipping: What it is, How it works and Why You Should Get it

Dropshipping is an e-commerce method that takes care of you, as a seller. Once an order is made, all you would have to do is contact your supplier, who takes care of the rest. However, for each order, you as a seller would have to pay the supplier. 

Mr.Chester Sy details the usual dropshipping algorithm

It may sound too good to be true but the system really works. Countries such as the US and Malaysia have already put up an efficient dropshipping system that’s fully automated. He hopes we could do this in the Philippines as investors have shown interest to tap into the Philippine market. 

Compared to other dropshipping suppliers in the Philippines though, BilisBenta has a “twistas Mr. Chester puts it. Not only will the company supply the products but will also:

1. Put up a digital store in Lazada, Shopee or Shopify;
2. Uploads all the products into the store as well as the basic keywords 
3. Updates item inventory, including housing of products so you don’t need a bodega or warehouse
5. Handle delivery, care of affiliated couriers of the e-commerce company6. Answer complaints of the customers

In order words, BilisBenta basically handles all of the manpower stuff, so you won’t even have to stress over the rigors of hiring, training and paying people. Kahit may sariling trabaho ka, studyante o OFW, puwede dito sa BilisBenta, Mr. Chester smiles with pride.

The business associate, which is you, will only do the following:

1. Subscribe to and pay for your chosen catalogue. Bilisbenta has up to the date of this writing three categories available, namely House Blends, Pro Sneakers, and Cosy Tot.  Register in my bills benta affiliate link and get my SEO guide for FREE.

House blends has products related to homemaking such as bedsheets, welcome mats, and curtains; Pro sneakers feature shoes for ladies and men, and Cosy Tot has products for children. Each of these catalogues have at least 100 items for sale, with different designs. But the slots for procuring catalogues are limited, and you will have to line up with hundreds, if not thousands of other interested entrepreneurs. 

Other categories such as Prettify (makeup and skin care), Clic Buddy (sports gear), Big One (groceries), Bag Lab (bags), and Paw Shop (pet necessities and accessories), will be open soon enough. Check out BilisBenta’s Facebook BilisBenta for updates.

2. The capital is astoundingly affordable and so sulit. For up to Php 12,000, you can avail of a catalogue each month. The best part is, even if you’re making millions, the amount will be the ONLY payment you have to make. It also accepts major credit cards, Gcash and bank to bank transactions.

3. Mark up the prices of the items in your digital store. Make sure that the prices are not less than the suggested retail price or BilisBenta will have to cancel your subscription. 

4. Update the team when you have subscribed to a new catalogue. 

5. Some stock prices may change according to the preference of the suppliers. You may have to do regular checking of posted prices and make corresponding adjustments. 

….Now What?

Mr. Chester however warns that BilisBenta cannot do everything. As an entrepreneur, you would have to do your homework. 

1. Find out where your customers are. Make your edge by posting on Facebook ads, posting on the Marketplace. Even if those techniques don’t work and there will be a lull in the first few months of doing business, you can always sell to people you know–friends and family.

You can’t expect to generate sales when you’re just going to sit back and wait for the customers to come, even if you are selling in Lazada.

2. There’s another suggestion Mr. Chester adds. He suggests aspiring businesses to sign up for Lazada’s campaign, to make sure you get the right exposure. 

You may have the right keywords (think Lazada SEO or Shopee SEO), product display, and price but if you’re not in the campaign, the product or your store will remain as invisible as a store that isn’t in lazada at all. He even suggests enrolling in Lazada University to get the proper channels in running an e-commerce store.

Bilisbenta will help you in the set up, product handling, and customer services but you’d have to do your part.

3. Abide by BilisBenta’s rules and regulations. Some customers have demanded something we cannot give: a manual or special treatment of the product. We are not able to provide that, he shakes his head. As much as possible, all the steps and procedures that the product will undergo should be automatic [or through a machine] to maintain a safe and efficient flow. 

Mr. Chester finishes the interview with a glitter in his eye. It is BilisBenta’s vision to make 50 million entrepreneurs to be millionaires in 2021. It could also be a great avenue for income, or at least to be able to earn to live comfortably. To be able to give healthy meals to your children, give them a secure future and even to be able to provide a service car for your helper because it’s not safe to commute during the [pandemic].

If you’re psyched as I am, sign up on BilisBenta using my affiliate link. 

This will provide you not only an opening into the enchanting world of Mr. Chester’s e-commerce but also valuable insights into the world of SEO, dropshipping suppliers in the Philippines, or even Lazada dropshipping in the Philippines and tips on how to maximize Lazada or Shopee SEO. 

Low risk, low capital, no product investment, no manpower, no warehouse, what’s not to love and be excited about BilisBenta? BilisBenta dropshipping may be a great potential earning business this year. Babangon pa rin tayo, kababayan!

Join Bilisbenta using my Affiliate link and ill share with you my SEO strategy

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  2. You’re so awesome! I don’t believe I have read a single thing like that before. So great to find someone with some original thoughts on this topic. Really.. thank you for starting this up. This website is something that is needed on the internet, someone with a little originality!

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