Electrician Case Study

Client’s Niche:

The Website Overview

Our client, a key player in the electrical services industry, established this website to underscore their commitment to top-tier electrical solutions. Serving as a platform for local community connection, the site emphasizes transparency, quality service, and customer satisfaction. Despite robust Google traffic, the GMB performance lagged due to misguided intent, ranking for irrelevant terms, and insufficient visibility. The GMB presence aimed to amplify local visibility, drawing customers seeking dependable residential and commercial electrical services.

The Biggest Challenge

Our client approached us with a clear goal: boost their visibility on Google My Business (GMB). Despite being a reputable electrical service, their GMB wasn’t ranking at the top. The challenge lay in the fact that the GMB intent was slightly off. They were ranking for some irrelevant terms, and it was evident that the page’s relevance, user experience, and targeting needed improvement.

The Solution

After a thorough analysis, we implemented a strategic solution. We adjusted the primary category on the GMB profile to better align with electrical services core offerings. This simple yet crucial change significantly improved the GMB’s performance. The ranking rose from 6.92 to an impressive 1.22. The key takeaway is that precise category targeting, backed by a strong GMB profile, can substantially improve rankings and business leads.

The Results

With the dedicated efforts of our team, the site achieved a remarkable transformation in just two months. The GMB page now ranks at an outstanding 1.22, solidifying it as a top choice for electrical services in the area.

Key Results

The increased visibility has led to a surge in new business inquiries, showcasing the effectiveness of our strategic approach.
This case study demonstrates the prowess of our team in transforming GMB rankings for electricians. We propelled the site to the coveted top spot (1.22) on Google My Business by addressing relevance, user intent, and profile strength. Our results-driven strategy not only improved rankings but also substantially increased new business opportunities.
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