Electrician Lubbock Case Study

Client’s Niche:
Electrician Lubbock

The Website Overview

The client’s website is a beacon of excellence in the electrical services domain. Crafted to enhance its online presence, the site showcases its commitment to safety, industry expertise, and unwavering customer satisfaction. From residential to industrial solutions, their website is a hub for top-notch services. 

The Biggest Challenge

Before engaging with us, the site faced challenges optimizing its Google My Business (GMB) page. Despite strong organic traffic, GMB traction was lacking. The issues identified included missing keywords, competitive keywords, and a lack of authoritative backlinks. Additionally, technical website issues, mobile readiness, and other factors hindered their GMB performance.

The Solution

We implemented a strategic approach, addressing key aspects such as refining primary categories, optimizing keywords, and enhancing the mobile experience. Technical issues were meticulously resolved, and a robust backlink strategy was implemented. The transformation resulted in their GMB page skyrocketing to a remarkable rank of 1.04.

The Results

Within just 8 weeks of collaboration, our team successfully elevated their GMB ranking from its initial state to an impressive 1.04. The outcomes include increased visibility, higher click-through rates, and enhanced online presence. It is now dominates GMB searches for their niche in the Lubbock area.

Key Results

  • Switched primary GMB category for precise targeting.
  • Addressed missing keywords, competitive issues, and technical glitches.
  • Implemented a robust backlink strategy for authority.
  • Achieved a GMB rank of 1.04 within a month and a half.
Our meticulous strategy and dedicated efforts propelled its site from GMB obscurity to a commanding rank of 1.04. This case study underscores our commitment to overcoming diverse challenges, ensuring enhanced visibility, and delivering tangible results for our clients.
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