How Does Kherk Roldan Audit Work?

We believe that each website has different issues, so our audit depends on what stage your website is in. First, let me explain how our SEO audit works. We address your website from a sitewide SEO perspective. We will be providing you an intake form to know more about your website and your business. We then check your Google Analytics, Web Design, Technical SEO, Internal linking, Page Speed optimization, Indexation, Citations, CTR Optimization, Schema, and more.

Our SEO audit is not typically you see on the web or with the person you work in the past as we address real site issues and provide you a guide on how to fix this. We don't use any automated reports but manual reports.

This is for serious business owners only who want to increase organic traffic using (SEO). This site audit costs $500 USD typically but free for a limited time.

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