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Maximize Your Online Visibility and Drive Conversions with Expert Google Ads Management

Why Choose Our Google Ads Management Services

Our Google Ads management services focus primarily on targeting keywords geared towards achieving conversion objectives, including completions, leads, purchases, and sales.

Discovering a website through organic search isn’t always possible, particularly for newer websites that have yet to establish and leverage brand awareness and recognition.

Although a budget is necessary, a PPC campaign remains the most efficient and cost-effective method to acquire visibility for the products or services you provide.

Google Ads Monthly Services

Martin Bates

I am happy to say that I have been working with Kherk Roldan SEO for a little over a year now, and I have never been disappointed. They are a white label SEO company, which means that they provide all the services required to increase website traffic using Search Engine Optimization. My website now receives more traffic than ever before, and my conversion rates have also increased significantly. I would highly recommend Kherk Roldan SEO to anyone looking to improve their online presence.

Justin Brown

Our team is immensely grateful for the outstanding contributions of Kherk Roldan and his team to the success of our cloud stack project. We are truly impressed with the results and extend our heartfelt appreciation for your dedication and hard work. Furthermore, we’re thrilled to announce that we have received our first lead through this site, which is exciting news and a testament to your exceptional performance. Overall, we are incredibly thankful to have such a dedicated and capable team on board.

Pricing for Google Ads Management


✅ Set Clear Objectives

✅ Understand Your Audience

✅ Keyword research & competitor analysis

✅ Create Compelling Ad Copy

✅ Optimize Landing Pages

✅ Ad Extensions

✅ Set Budgets and Bidding Strategy

✅ Monitor and Analyze Performance

✅ Refine Targeting and Segmentation

✅ Optimization and Testing

✅ Stay Updated and Adapt

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How It Works


The checkout process is simple. You simply need to pay for your order, select the right quantity, and fill out the information requested.


Let our team of Advertising experts handle your needs and requirements. We will have a transparent approval process so you can assure the work quality.


We are all about producing top results. Our project manager will be sending regular updates so you are updated on our progress.

What Our Monthly Google Ads Management Service Can Do For You?

Keyword Research

At the core of every successful Google paid search campaign lies thorough and dependable keyword research. Our process involves identifying the most relevant and impactful keywords to bid on, meticulously selecting the optimal ones from a curated shortlist. Our aim is to pinpoint keywords that offer the highest potential return on investment (ROI).

Competitor Campaign Analysis

Gaining insight into the strategies that propel your competitors’ PPC campaigns to success is essential. We excel at extracting comprehensive data, including bid strategies and landing page optimization tactics, and translating them into actionable insights that can be applied to enhance your own campaign.

Campaign Setup

The setup of a Google Ads campaign plays a pivotal role in its success. At Kherk Roldan’s Whitelabel SEO Solutions, we recognize the fundamental importance of this stage, ensuring that it encompasses essential settings, elements, and factors crucial for campaign efficacy. Rest assured, we meticulously configure and optimize your campaign to achieve optimal performance.

Ad Copy Creation:

Crafting a finely-tuned ad campaign relies heavily on an optimized ad copy as its foundation. Developing ad copy can be a nuanced task, as it often requires experimentation to determine effectiveness. At Kherk Roldan’s Whitelabel SEO Solutions, we specialize in both creating and refining ad variations through rigorous testing methodologies. Our aim is to identify the ad copies that yield the highest possible conversions, ensuring your campaign’s success.

Paid Search Analysis

We utilize Google Analytics, Google Search Console, and Google Ads to comprehensively analyze your website’s performance in both organic and paid search, optimizing your search strategy for enhanced results.

Paid Campaign Implementation

Our team builds campaigns from scratch, adjusting keywords, bidding, budgets, ad texts, and landing pages to maximize lead generation efficiency while seeking approval before finalization.

Ad Variation Testing

Following ad and landing page preparation, conducting A/B testing is essential to determine the most effective combination for driving conversions and managing user expectations.

Conversion Tracking

We monitor ads to identify top-performing copies for generating leads and sales, while optimizing ad copies and landing pages to emphasize high-performing keywords.

ROI Analysis

We eliminate underperforming keywords, experiment with new ones, and continuously optimize bids, budgets, and campaign elements in an ongoing exploration for optimal performance.


We regularly assess all campaign components to ensure optimal performance, emphasizing open communication for continuous improvements and sustained business growth.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Google Ads Management?

Google Ads monthly management typically involves overseeing and optimizing your ad campaigns on a regular basis to ensure they perform effectively and meet your marketing goals. This includes tasks such as keyword research, ad creation, bid management, and performance analysis.

How often will my Google Ads campaigns be monitored and optimized?

Your Google Ads campaigns will be monitored and optimized regularly throughout the month, with adjustments made as needed to improve performance and maximize results. This may involve tweaking keywords, adjusting bids, refining ad copy, and optimizing landing pages.

Can you explain the process of keyword optimization in Google Ads monthly management?

Keyword optimization in Google Ads monthly management involves identifying high-performing keywords, refining keyword match types, adding negative keywords to prevent irrelevant clicks, and continuously monitoring and adjusting keyword bids to improve campaign performance.

What reporting and analytics can I expect to receive with your Google Ads monthly management services?

We include a varieWith our Google Ads monthly management services, you can expect to receive regular reports detailing key metrics such as impressions, clicks, click-through rates, conversions, and return on investment (ROI). These reports provide valuable insights into the performance of your ad campaigns and help track progress over time.ty of ad formats, including lead generation ads, dynamic ads, stories ads, videos ads, carousel ads, and more. 

Can you guarantee results?

While we cannot guarantee results, we can guarantee that the strategies we’ll be using are based on proven and updated techniques that we have tested on our own assets prior to implementing to our clients’ accounts. 

Do you have a done-for-you service where I can just set a monthly budget and your team of expert just handles the rest?

Absolutely! We offer Customized Done-for-You Link Building Service.

Just let us know your budget and we’ll work out the rest based on our available links.

Each month, we’ll use all types of links available to us and build based on our analysis.

All our links are permanent and will remain up even when you cancel your subscription.