How To Become A Reseller

If you want to become a reseller and start selling our services, follow this step.

Sign up on our services page and click “signup.” fill up using your best email address and password.

Once you are inside the dashboard, Please watch the welcome video so you can know how you can navigate the dashboard.

You can go to “purchase services” and choose the service you want to resell.

You can open each of the category services here because we have a lot of services added inside the category for example in “link building services”

Once you have decided what service to buy, just click “add to cart” and pay for the service and we will do the rest.

After you make the payment, Kindly go to the “your orders” section and click “start order.” This is the intake form that you need to fill out in order for us to start the work.

Every service has a deadline, so the only thing you need to do after placing an order is wait for the delivery report. the date of the deliverable is different for the service you purchased.

Once we complete the work, you will get a notification that we completed the work

To check the deliverables, just go to the “reports” section in your sidebar, and you can see the work completed.

Note: Depending on your subscription, if you are a Whitelabel client, we can customize the branding to yours. We will design the banner to fit your branding, and your client will be happy.

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