Holistic Counseling Case Study

Client’s Niche:
Holistic Counseling

The Website Overview

Our client created a website that is a prominent name in the field of mental health services, aimed to strengthen its online presence using Google My Business (GMB). Despite consistently attracting traffic from Google, the GMB performance was less than optimal. The core challenge stemmed from misaligned intent, resulting in rankings for irrelevant terms and insufficient visibility on GMB.

The Biggest Challenge

Before engaging our services, the site faced a significant challenge with their Google My Business (GMB) page. Despite consistent traffic from Google, their GMB performance lagged. Analysis revealed potential misalignment in their GMB intent, leading to suboptimal rankings. The page struggled to target relevant terms, hindering visibility for potential clients.
Reasons for the Challenge:
– Inadequate optimization of GMB categories.
– Limited keyword targeting on GMB.
– Insufficient local citations.
– Sparse customer reviews affecting credibility.
– Low engagement with Google posts and updates.

The Solution

Upon partnering with our team, adjustments were made to enhance GMB performance. Strategic changes included:
– Optimizing the primary category for better alignment with user intent.
– Implementing targeted keyword strategies for local searches.
– Strengthening local citations for improved geographical relevance.
– Encouraging and managing customer reviews to build trust.
– Regularly updating Google posts to enhance engagement.

The Results

Within two months and one week of our intervention, the GMB page achieved a remarkable transformation, securing a prominent rank of 1.15. The improvements in category optimization, keyword targeting, and overall GMB management led to a surge in visibility and, consequently, an increase in new client inquiries.

Key Results

  • GMB rank improved from 6.92 to 1.15.
  • 30% increase in GMB impressions.
  • 20% boost in customer reviews.
  • 15% rise in overall engagement with GMB content.
This case study exemplifies our commitment to elevating GMB performance for businesses in the holistic counseling niche. By addressing specific challenges and implementing tailored solutions, we effectively propelled the GMB page to the top ranks, showcasing the potential for significant growth in online visibility and client acquisition.
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