Hospital Niche Case Study

Client’s Niche:

Hospital Niche

The Website Overview

Our client crafted a website for their business as a prominent healthcare provider that sought to elevate its online visibility through Google My Business (GMB). Despite substantial traffic from Google, the GMB performance was suboptimal. The hospital’s website, reflecting its mission, vision, and comprehensive range of services, served as a solid foundation for potential patients to connect with its healthcare offerings. 

The Biggest Challenge

Despite the robust website, the site faced challenges in GMB visibility. The hospital’s GMB page struggled to secure a top-ranking position, hampering its reach to the local audience. The challenges included using inaccurate keywords, potential issues with Google indexing, and a lack of authoritative backlinks.

The Solution

We stepped in to analyze and rectify the situation. By conducting a thorough audit, we identified the primary category misalignment on GMB. Adjusting the profile’s primary category to reflect the hospital’s services was pivotal accurately. The correction led to a remarkable improvement, propelling the GMB ranking from its previous position to an impressive 1.80.

The Results

After two months of collaboration with our team, the page achieved the coveted rank of 1.80 on Google My Business. The strategic adjustments made to the GMB profile and our dedicated efforts significantly increased visibility within the local community.

Key Results

  • Primary category correction led to a jump from 20+ to 1.80.
  • Improved local map visibility and prominence.
  • Enhanced relevance for target keywords.
This case study demonstrates how our expertise and commitment transformed our client’s GMB visibility. Our strategic approach, addressing key challenges, resulted in a substantial boost in rankings, effectively connecting the hospital with its local audience.
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