Hypnosis Case Study

Client’s Niche:
Hypnotherapy Services Niche

The Website Overview

The client’s website, a premier hypnotherapy service provider, recognized the need to bolster its digital presence on Google My Business (GMB). Despite a diverse service range covering Smoking Cessation, Anger Management, Weight Loss, Pain Management, Anxiety Stress Management, Life Coaching, Performance Improvement, Overcoming Bad Habits, and Insomnia Treatment, the existing GMB visibility fell short. This prompted the website creation, aiming to align online representation with the breadth of effective hypnotherapy solutions offered.

The Biggest Challenge

Before partnering with us, the site faced a challenge in optimizing its GMB page for top rankings. The website wasn’t effectively reaching its target audience due to a lack of mobile-friendliness, inappropriate keyword usage, and a limited online presence. The GMB rankings did not reflect the quality and efficacy of their hypnotherapy programs.
Reasons for the Challenge:
  • Inadequate mobile-friendliness.
  • Suboptimal keyword usage.
  • Limited online presence and social media engagement.
  • Absence of an XML sitemap.
  • Insufficient backlinks.

The Solution

Our team implemented a comprehensive strategy to address the challenges faced. This included optimizing the website for mobile devices, refining keyword usage, enhancing social media engagement, creating an XML sitemap, and building quality backlinks. Additionally, we thoroughly analyzed their target market and competitors to ensure the right primary category and subcategories were selected.

The Results

Following the implementation of our solution, the client’s site achieved a remarkable GMB ranking of 1.00. The strategic changes increased visibility, improved website traffic, and higher conversion rates.
The hypnotherapy programs gained prominence on Google, attracting a wider audience seeking effective solutions for smoking cessation, weight loss, anger management, and more.

Key Results

  • Achieved GMB ranking of 1.00.
  • Improved mobile-friendliness.
  • Enhanced keyword optimization.
  • Increased social media engagement.
  • Implemented XML sitemap for better indexing.
  • Established quality backlinks.
This collaboration, exemplifies our commitment to overcoming diverse challenges in GMB optimization. By tailoring our strategies to address specific issues, we successfully elevated their online presence, resulting in a prominent GMB ranking and increased business visibility.
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