For you, what’s the ideal content length? Over the years, we have come to this ‘practice’,  that to have a good SEO Content means having to write a content that is over 1800 words or more. That said, your content’s length actually plays a major role in how well it can rank and perform in the likeliness of Google. Everything from what you write to how you write subsequently sums up to the overall length of your content. 

More Words or less?

I write contents that range from a word count of 1800 to 2500 or above, but really, it all depends on what your article is all about in the first place. While sticking to having a word count of 2000 words is a good rule of thumb, it’s critical to remind yourself that whenever you have satisfied the searcher’s intent, your content’s length won’t actually matter that much anymore. 

Let’s go the Long route

It doesn’t hurt to write a long content, in fact, studies have shown that longer contents typically rank better. Longer content is also more likely to earn more backlinks and attracts more people, as long contents can easily give the impression that it provides extensive knowledge and expertise, and as a searcher, who doesn’t want that? 

You can write it short, but write it WELL

If you choose to write short contents, that is absolutely fine! Short contents can actually be as effective and even better than having to write long content. Although, I wouldn’t suggest you should start writing Short content when you’re just starting out. Short content doesn’t mean that it has a lesser chance of ranking well, as long as it greatly satisfies the searcher’s intent and provides useful and valuable information, then PRESTO! You’ve got yourself a well-written short content.

The Final Verdict?

Whatever length of content you choose to write, it is always important to take into consideration what you include in your content. You want to know what goes into your content that makes it stand out from your competition and what makes it satisfy searchers’ intent. 

In the end, it’s always quality that matters and as long you pursue that goal, the length of your content can vary. 

Regardless, whether you chose to write a Long or Short content, always take into consideration these factors:

  1. Satisfy the Searcher’s intent ( I cannot stress this enough, this is what carries your content into ranking on top of the food chain )
  2. Examine your competition, and make content that is better, more helpful, and different to what they have.
  3. Never be afraid to approach keywords in a different way.
  4. Always take into account what is the searcher’s intention behind something.
  5. Take into consideration the user experience, will they enjoy or find your content helpful? Or just waste their time?
  6. Write a content that attracts a lot of Good High Quality backlinks.
  7. Polish your content, suit your content to where it leans more on.

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Kherk Roldan is a Philippine-based SEO Expert who has been in the industry for 10 years record time. Kherk is a Filipino influencer who has helped 1000+ students and business owners to grow their business online using SEO and Google Ads. He’s featured on Yahoo and many News sites in the Philippines.

Insider SEO Updates...

Case Studies, Test Results, and Industry Updates every Weekend!