Kitchen and Bath Renovation Case Study

Client’s Niche:
Kitchen and Bath Renovation

The Website Overview

Establishing an online presence was crucial for addressing key challenges in effectively reaching the target audience. Despite a strong foothold in the kitchen and bath industry since 1989, the company recognized the need for improved visibility and relevance. The website aims to optimize for relevant keywords and enhance Google My Business (GMB) performance to rectify misguided intent. Leveraging a strategic online platform, the company intends to align its comprehensive renovation solutions with the evolving digital landscape, ensuring a streamlined connection with its audience.

The Biggest Challenge

The client site faced the challenge of limited visibility on Google My Business (GMB). Despite its stellar reputation and extensive experience, the GMB page was not reaching its full potential. The primary challenges identified were poor optimization for search engines, limited online presence, and insufficient utilization of digital marketing channels.

The Solution

We stepped in to revamp the client GMB strategy. We conducted a thorough analysis of the existing GMB profile, addressing issues such as poor optimization and the absence of vital business information. A strategic approach was devised, incorporating targeted keyword optimization, active engagement on social media platforms, and a comprehensive backlink strategy to boost authority. Additionally, we implemented a review management plan to enhance its online reputation.
The results were transformative. The GMB page witnessed a remarkable ascent, securing the top rank with a perfect score of 1.00. This success was not just a result of tweaking keywords; it was a holistic strategy focusing on optimization, online presence, and reputation management.

The Results

After just 2 month of collaboration with Kherk Roldan Whitelabel SEO Solutions, the client’s site achieved the pinnacle of GMB success, securing the coveted rank of 1.00. The GMB page became a powerful lead-generation tool, attracting a substantial increase in customer inquiries and engagements.

Key Results

  • Comprehensive GMB optimization strategy
  • Targeted keyword optimization
  • Active social media engagement
  • Strategic backlink development
  • Effective review management
This case study underscores our ability to turn GMB challenges into triumphs. Through meticulous planning, strategic execution, and a dedication to excellence, we propelled the GMB site of our client to the top of the GMB rankings, showcasing the tangible impact of our expertise.
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