Kitchen and Bathroom Remodeling Case Study

Client’s Niche:

The Website Overview

The client’s remodeling for kitchen and design business launched a website to address underwhelming online visibility. Despite being a premier remodeling company, their web presence lacked effectiveness. The site aims to rectify this by targeting relevant search terms and showcasing their expertise, ensuring optimal reach and engagement with potential clients.

The Biggest Challenge

Before partnering with us, the site faced a significant challenge in its Google My Business (GMB) ranking. The intent behind their GMB strategy was slightly off, leading to suboptimal traffic. The issue was identified through GMB insights, revealing ranking for irrelevant terms and a lack of visibility.
Reasons for the Challenge:
1. Indexing and Crawl Issues:
   – Incorrect categorization affecting intent.
   – Initial GMB profile indexing and crawl issues.
2. Technical Issues Affecting Ranking:
   – Underlying technical problems impacting GMB performance.
   – Limited backlinks affecting overall visibility.
3. Content and Keyword Issues Affecting Ranking:
   – Incorrect primary category selection.
   – Competition and keyword saturation affecting ranking.

The Solution

After a thorough analysis, our team addressed the challenges strategically. We refined the GMB profile by adjusting the primary category and aligning it with the core services offered. This correction and ongoing efforts to enhance the GMB profile resulted in a significant rise in rankings. The shift in the primary category played a pivotal role in outperforming competitors and improving overall visibility.

The Results

Within two months of our intervention, the page hit a remarkable GMB ranking of 1.76. The consistent efforts of our team, combined with strategic adjustments, propelled the business to the top of relevant searches. 

Key Results

The success story demonstrates the impact of precise GMB optimization on visibility and, ultimately, lead generation.
This case study showcases our ability to identify and rectify specific challenges in GMB optimization, leading to substantial improvements in ranking and visibility. Our dedication and strategic approach ensure that clients rank higher and experience tangible growth in their online presence.
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