Kitchen Installations Case Study

Client’s Niche:
Kitchen Installations

The Website Overview

Our client crafted a website for kitchen installations which is a long-standing provider of professional kitchen design, fitting, and installation services. Renowned for meticulous attention to detail, quality workmanship, and unparalleled customer service, they aimed to enhance their online presence, specifically on Google My Business (GMB).

The Biggest Challenge

Despite their expertise, the client faced a significant challenge with their Google My Business (GMB) page, ranking at an unremarkable 16.52. The issue wasn’t the lack of traffic, but rather the GMB not reaching its full potential. Through a thorough analysis, we identified crawl issues, slow page speed, and an inconsistent content strategy as the primary culprits.

The Solution

Implementing a meticulous strategy, we addressed the crawl issues, optimized page speed, and refined the content strategy. Crucially, we adjusted the primary category on the GMB profile, aligning it more closely with the client’s core services—kitchen installations. This strategic move and ongoing efforts to enhance local map visibility proved pivotal.

The Results

In just over a month, the site gained a remarkable transformation. The GMB ranking surged from nothing to 1.56 position, showcasing the effectiveness of our tailored solutions. The page now stands as a testament to the impact of strategic category selection, local map optimization, and overall SEO improvements.
The optimized profile, enriched with valuable information, photos, and positive reviews, led to a substantial increase in leads and visibility for their business.

Key Results

  • GMB Ranking: Improved from 1.56 to a highly competitive position.
  • Increased Visibility: Achieved top rankings for key kitchen installation-related searches.
  • Enhanced Local Presence: The client’s GMB page now dominates the local market, attracting a significantly higher number of leads.
Through meticulous analysis, strategic adjustments, and dedicated efforts, our client’s GMB page for kitchen installations achieved a remarkable turnaround, showcasing our commitment to delivering tangible results in a competitive digital landscape.
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