Marketing Case Study

Client’s Niche:

The Website Overview

In the competitive realm of Marketing, our client’s website stood as a formidable online presence. However, the story was different when it came to Google My Business (GMB). Despite robust performance on other fronts, GMB rankings were lackluster, prompting a strategic reassessment. Initially experiencing suboptimal results, the client identified challenges in intent alignment, search engine optimization, and overall visibility on GMB.

The Biggest Challenge

The challenges our client faced were multifaceted. Despite having a strong online presence, their GMB struggled to attract the desired traffic. Several issues were identified, including inadequate category selection, suboptimal search engine optimization, and a lack of engagement on social media.
Reasons for the Challenge:
1. Failure to Declare Business Status to Google.
2. Suboptimal Website Optimization for Search Engines.
3. Targeting Highly Competitive Keyword Phrases.
4. Underutilization of Paid Advertising.
5. Inactivity on Social Media Platforms.
6. Poor or Nonexistent Reviews.
7. Lack of Authority from Backlinks.
8. Limited Understanding of Citations.

The Solution

In a strategic move, we worked closely with our client to address each challenge systematically. We witnessed a remarkable transformation by refining the primary category on their GMB profile, optimizing website content, and implementing a comprehensive digital marketing strategy. The GMB listing soared from an average rank position to an impressive 1.00, showcasing the effectiveness of our tailored solutions.

The Results

With the dedicated efforts our client achieved a remarkable milestone. Within just 2 month and 2 weeks, the GMB page secured the coveted top spot (1.00). The impact was not only reflected in rankings but also in tangible results, with a significant increase in leads and first-time customer calls.

Key Results

  • Improved GMB ranking from 20+ to 1.00.
  • Enhanced visibility for marketing-related searches.
  • Achieved a 120% increase in calls from first-time customers.
This case study underscores our commitment to excellence in the dynamic marketing field. Through strategic interventions, meticulous planning, and collaborative efforts, we propelled our client’s GMB ranking to 1.00 and generated tangible business outcomes. Kherk Roldan Whitelabel SEO Solutions delivers results where others may falter, demonstrating our expertise in navigating the intricacies of digital marketing.
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