Mental Health Case Study

Client’s Niche:
Digital Marketing

The Website Overview

The client built a prominent website in mental health therapy and embarked on a journey to elevate its online presence via Google My Business (GMB). Despite receiving substantial traffic from Google, the GMB performance remained below expectations. The challenge stemmed from a misalignment in intent, resulting in rankings for irrelevant terms and a noticeable lack of GMB visibility.

The Biggest Challenge

The GMB page of our client faced challenges in ranking, with an average position of 20+ The reasons for this challenge include:
– Incorrect primary category selection on the GMB profile.
– Limited optimization for relevant search terms related to mental health therapy.
– Insufficient local map spam cleanup efforts.

The Solution

Upon partnering with us the primary category on the GMB profile was strategically switched, and the profile was optimized for relevant search terms related to mental health therapy. Additionally, ongoing efforts were made to clean up local map spam, ensuring a more accurate business representation.

The Results

After two months of collaboration with our team, the page achieved a remarkable improvement, securing the top position with an average rank of 1.06 on Google My Business. This significant advancement led to increased visibility, with a notable uptick in calls and inquiries from potential clients seeking mental health therapy services.

Key Results

  • Strategic category selection is crucial for GMB ranking.
  • Ongoing optimization efforts are essential for maintaining and improving GMB performance.
  • Local map spam cleanup contributes to a more accurate and trustworthy GMB profile.
This case study is concrete evidence of our ability to transform GMB rankings, demonstrating expertise in navigating challenges and delivering tangible results for businesses in the mental health niche.
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