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So now you have an up and running website, and you are currently on the lookout for availing an agency’s service, more specially, SEO service. But has it ever crossed your mind how SEO pricing works? Well, in more than one way it is complicated. Seeing that a myriad of factors can contribute to how an agency prices their SEO services, it definitely is beyond our knowledge as a client as to how and what goes into SEO pricing. 

Although I can’t really give you an accurate answer that can answer your question, on average it is estimated that SEO services can vary somewhere between 1k-3k dollars. Yes, you heard that right, a thousand dollars to three thousand or even a couple of thousands of dollars. As much as some people find it expensive, it is worth knowing that a lot of these SEO services can vary from one agency to another, that is why you might find some relatively cheaper than the other.

Different SEO pricing models

So you might’ve noticed that some agencies have different forms of pricing. Because as we know it, there is really no standard that SEO companies follow when it comes to pricing their own services. With that said, here are four main ways how SEO prices are set up:

  1. Hourly rating SEO
  • As the name suggests, the prices are based on an hourly rating, this really works well when you have a specific subject that you want to complete on a specific time frame.
  1. Project-based SEO
  • This is where you pay a set fee for a specific task or service, i.e Full Site Audit.
  1. Results-based SEO
  • This pricing model heavily relies on what the outcome is. You pay nothing until you see substantial results or your goal has been reached. So really the pricing is very dynamic as there are several factors that can greatly affect the results.
  1. Monthly Retainer
  • This is where you get to spend a lot of money, and by a lot, I mean a lot. Since this is where you’ll be getting the full package of their services, you also will be on an ongoing partnership with an SEO team rather than having to look for one to do minute tasks. Quite literally, you will have an office dedicated to SEO.

But even as there are not only one but four main ways how SEO is priced, let us take into account that even if two agencies offer the same services using the same pricing model, they will always vary in prices. Typically freelancers offer the same offers or services such as quality, well known SEO firms at an affordable price. Tempting right? So why not choose the latter as it can literally save you hundreds or even thousands of bucks?

You get what you pay for

I think that when it comes to SEO, what comes first is quality. No matter what, I always prioritise quality over anything else. So when you see a deal on the internet saying “PROFESSIONAL SEO SERVICES FOR 50$ ONLY!” you might be tempted to click on that link, but let me just tell you this. Do you think that the service you are availing for is done by someone who is a professional? Is that person or team experienced? Do they even have quality SEO?

And this is the time where you will be questioning their legitimacy, not only because they are offering waaaaay affordable prices but because of the thought ‘Do you really think that you are getting the full package just for 50$?’. Whether you are availing a provider who has experience or not, anyone can really screw up your business big time.

But why do they charge a lot of money?
Well they do charge a lot of money, but it isn’t the same for everyone else. For instance, an Ecommerce page that has over 50.000+ products are being charged $4,000.00 whereas compared to a site that is way smaller, they can be charged for less money. And that’s the thing with SEO agencies, they make customized SEO campaigns that suits their client’s sites. Because really, when you are on the lookout on SEO services, you don’t shop for how affordable or cheap they are but for the level of service that you are getting. 

At the end of the day, not all businesses are alike, especially in this ever changing world.

How much should you spend?
Not all businesses are the same. So how much you spend can really depend on how big your business is and the extent of services you will require. In the end, you should determine precisely how much you should spend on SEO services. The bigger your website, the more extensive the SEO project will be.

Okay, so now what do I do?
Well, what I would personally do is do research first. You can actually figure out whether you should spend your money and time on a service that you think works for you, most of it though is guesswork but also backed up with analysis and statistics. 

So how do you find a good SEO now? As I said, doing research allows you to at least find the right SEO provider. Even if you have to strategize and use techniques into having to find the best SEO provider, you’re at least better off than throwing away your money, time, and effort to some shady SEO ‘professional’.

The end?
Well, I guess so. But if you think that you’re just spending money on the hopes that you’ll land on the first page of Google, there’s more to that. You’ll be grateful to find out that the better SEO is what is bringing your investments back, and even then, you get a well-calibrated and long term SEO results that can work for you all the time even if you’re away on vacation or sleeping! 

I’m in for really pushing my page to the front page of Google, but the joy of SEO is that I get to see the development and growth of my own business, something that I really take pride in.

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Insider SEO Updates...

Case Studies, Test Results, and Industry Updates every Weekend!