Private Investigator Case Study

Client’s Niche:
Private Investigator

The Website Overview

Our client launched a website for an investigative firm to streamline its online presence for convenience and efficient transactions. Comprising seasoned professionals, they leverage cutting-edge methods for precise intelligence gathering in legal, civil, and insurance fraud contexts. Executive leadership’s federal law enforcement background ensures top-tier private-sector intelligence services.

The Biggest Challenge

Before partnering with us, the client encountered obstacles in maximizing its Google My Business (GMB) presence. These challenges stemmed from:
1. Inconsistencies in Content: The GMB page exhibited potential disparities in the information presented, hindering its overall coherence.
2. Missing Keywords: Essential keywords crucial for search optimization were absent, impacting the page’s discoverability.
3. Unoptimized Category Selection: The initial choice of GMB categories didn’t align optimally with the core services offered, affecting the page’s relevance in search results.

The Solution

We addressed the primary challenge by refining the GMB profile’s primary category upon thorough analysis. This strategic adjustment, akin to the client’s unique positioning, significantly improved the page’s performance. The shift propelled the listing to the top spot, showcasing the critical role of category selection in GMB ranking. This transformation resulted in a notable increase in calls from potential clients, demonstrating the direct impact on lead generation.

The Results

Within just 2 month and 2 weeks of implementing the solution, it achieved a remarkable feat—a GMB ranking of 1.00. The dedicated efforts of our team, the chosen partner in this endeavor, propelled the client’s page to the pinnacle of search results.
Notably, this success translated into a substantial increase in first-time customer calls, highlighting the tangible impact on business growth.

Key Results

1. Strategic Category Selection:  The primary GMB category holds significant weight in determining rank, underscoring the importance of aligning it with the business’s core focus.
2. Lead Generation Impact: While rankings matter, the ultimate metric is increased leads. The strategic adjustments elevated the ranking and led to a substantial uptick in client inquiries.
3. Kherk Roldan Whitelabel SEO Solutions Expertise: The collaboration with our company showcased the effectiveness of their professional approach in overcoming GMB challenges and achieving remarkable results.
The site overcoming the low GMB rank to secure a top-ranking position is a testament to the transformative power of strategic optimization. This case study reinforces the notion that overcoming GMB hurdles is possible and can lead to substantial business growth with the right expertise and dedication.
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