Advanced Backlink SEO Package


The Advanced Backlink SEO PACKAGE is for serious website owners that have websites that are at least 6 months old and are getting traffic.

To start the SMASHING we want to create 4 separate press releases going to multiple pages on the site reaching up 16 different pages.

Next we will hand make 50 tier 1 authority backlinks pointing to primary pages & home page. Once all authority links are in place we will increase there overall power with 1,200 unique referring domains from G-News approved websites.

These 1,200 referring domains build power to your tier 1 and to your filler pages like ( contact-us , privacy-policy , about-us etc..) With our focus being overall authority we want to create .EDU backlinks containing naked anchor text.

Then the K.O finisher  to ensure a proper SMASHING of your competitors we will spread out (30) DR30+  links to all your primary pages.

  • X4 Press Release Distribution 
  • 50  – Branded Web 2 Foundation Buffer Pages 
  • 1,200 Google News Links to Buffer Pages 
  • 30 – DR 30+ 
  • 100 EDU Links