Advanced Youtube SEO


This includes 3 Youtube Videos to optimize.

We incorporate the following elements to boost the rankings of your videos in front of your targeted audience:

  • Titles
  • Tags
  • Hashtags
  • Custom Thumbnails
  • Transcripts and Captions
  • Watch time
  • Description

Check the description below to understand our process.

Choose your best option below if you want to add more Youtube Videos to optimize.

YouTube is the second largest search engine and is widely used as the most popular video-sharing platform across the world. But how do you create content that gets your videos rank higher? 

Optimization of Youtube is different from any search engine platform SEO, but our tricks can put your videos at the top of search results when a user looks for content similar to yours. We incorporate the following elements to boost the rankings of your videos in front of your targeted audience:

  • Titles

Titles are important and we make sure that each of the titles of your videos is compelling and engaging as well as optimized. We know how to draw your targeted audience and incorporate the right keywords leading to an improvement in the ranking of your videos. 

  • Tags

People use tags to filter things on YouTube. We tag the most relevant keywords that describe your video and rank it as well. 

  • Hashtags

We choose the top keywords so that the likelihood of your video showing on the top of the search engine increases.

  • Custom Thumbnails

Videos with custom thumbnails open to generate a greater number of clicks show custom thumbnails should have high-quality design and visual aesthetics with a quick hint of the video. 

  • Transcripts and Captions

We optimize all of your YouTube videos by including captions and transcripts that are vital for higher rankings.

  • Watch Time

Our goal is to retain your viewers as long as possible because watch time measures the success of your content on YouTube.  

  • Descriptions

    We make sure to include the most important elements of SEO into your YouTube video descriptions to yield greater results.

How can we help optimize your videos?

Kherk Roldan Advanced Digital Solutions team of experts is capable of optimizing your channel and videos properly so that it gets ranked on YouTube as well as search engines for the targeted keywords that your targeted audience looks for. We are always ready and willing to help you resolve all the issues of your channel including:

  • In-depth Youtube channel audit and analysis
  • Detailed keyword research and implementation
  • Optimization of channel metadata description and tags
  • Adding custom thumbnail images that are engaging 
  • Creating and adding calls to actions
  • And a lot more
Why do you need Advanced YouTube SEO optimization?

If you are looking to market your video content on YouTube and not utilizing SEO techniques practiced by the most competitive businesses,  it will not be easier for you to outrank your competition and engage your potential customer base.  let’s see how our Advanced YouTube SEO Optimization can help you achieve your business goals:

  • Stronger connection with customer

Video content that is well optimized gives you a great chance to know your customers even before they fill out a form on your website and get feedback about the products or services that you are marketing for.

  • Quick product release

Creating YouTube video content for your products and services and optimizing them for search engines is one of the fastest ways for you too to advertise your products in front of masses even before ranking your website.

  • Improve your YouTube rankings in Google

Engaging content about your business optimized on YouTube is all you need to improve your online visibility and meet business growth goals with efficiency. You can also link your YouTube videos to your website and promote your business website as well.

  • Increased Rate of Return

Kherk Roldan Advanced Digital Solutions ensures that your video content reaches your targeted audience by optimizing your videos so that they have a greater chance of appearing on the top of search engines.