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What are local citations?

Your business needs proper visibility in order to succeed. That’s what local citations do: they deftly mention your business name and contact information over online platforms such as local listing directories and social media.

As a result, you

  • Get listed on top sites and local and industry-specific sites
  • Rank better on search engines
  • Get rid of NAP inconsistencies hurting your search ranking.
Step 1  Screening

We analyze your competitors and make a comprehensive list of sites that are apt for citation building. The goal is to get you on high-authority sites.

step 2 Discovery

To avoid duplication, we unearth all your existing citations in the local citation finder. If required, we update them to add more value.

step 3 Listing

What differentiates us is the process of listing your business, manually. Every detail of business is cross-checked before listing.

step 4 Detailed Reporting

Once we are through with listing your business on all credible sites, we provide you with a detailed report mentioning all listings and URL links.