Keyword Research Services


This includes 30 keywords research and analysis and also the following:

  • Monthly search volume
  • CPC per keyword
  • Keyword Competiton
  • Keyword Intent
  • Low Competition
  • High-Quality Words
  • Country-Specific Search Volume
  • Competitor Analysis
  • Detailed Excel Report
  • Email Support

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When a user searches for a product or service they want, they use some particular words or phrases. These are the words we call keywords. It’s simply about targeting the right words that your customers are looking for and including them in your SEO strategy by doing in-depth research so that you can build a bulletproof SEO campaign.

SEO can be effective only when you find and target the right keywords. Keywords are essential when it comes to getting your online business the desired rank. Keywords define the right direction for content planning. Kherk Roldan Advanced Digital Solutions keyword Research Services are aimed at helping you run SEO campaigns that are based on result-driven and verifiable sets of keywords.

As a part of our keyword research service, we help you:

  • Look for the most competitive keywords through in-depth keyword research & analysis
  • Analyze the effectiveness of the keywords that you have currently targeted
  • Evaluate competitor’s keywords strategy
  • Choose the right set of keywords to be targeted
How does it work?
  • Step 1: You will give us the topics and seed keywords that you want to rank your website for.
  • Step 2: Our SEO experts will perform an in-depth research on those terms, search for related terms and intent as well as perform topic grouping
  • Step 3: You will get a detailed SEO research report after a complete keyword analysis by our SEO experts
Our keyword strategy for your business

To ensure that our keyword research strategy is best aligned with your organizational goals and desired rank, we make sure that the following factors are considered for an effective keyword research service:

  • We perform a semantic brainstorming for overlooked keywords that include variants
  • We will analyze PPC competition through trustable resources
  • We determine the keyword search volume for a keyword in the specified time and how can it helps us generate more traffic
  • We consider cost per click to see the value and competition that a keyword holds
  • We analyze and understand the types of results and patterns in search results by searching for a specific keyword
  • We consider determining the traffic-generating potential of your focussed keywords
  • We determine the organic search results for the keywords focussed
  • We will ensure to research competitors’ keywords
How will our keyword strategy help you?

We do a proper and detailed analysis and keyword research that helps you outrank your competition. We present a detailed report of our keyword research strategy that can help you :

  • Optimize your pages to gain more visibility
  • Generate new content ideas
  • Understand online trends for the specific industry or niche that you are working in
  • Create a solid connection between you and your customer with a well-implemented SEO keyword research
  • Drive valuable organic traffic to your website
Get a Reliable Keywords Research Service Today!

We are ready and willing to help you and your business with proper keyword research and usage so that your site gets a better ranking. We are knowledgeable of the right methodology combined with the best technology to deliver effective business results.