Keyword Research



What are keyword research services?

People and companies who are your potential clients (meaning, they still don’t know you) are searching Google for your product, and for other things. Keyword research is the process of making a list of keywords and phrases your potential clients are searching for, and based on that list, generating the content that will drive them to your site.

How we do keyword research

First, we want to get to know your clients and potential clients. We’ll send you a form with a bunch of questions that will help us with that phase.

Second, we use more than 15 tactics to form a list of keywords we know are relevant. But we don’t stop there. We’ll tell you how hard it is to rank on Google’s first page for each keyword, what type of content should you consider, how much traffic can you get if you rank high for this keyword and more.

Our keyword research services:

  • Analyze the effectiveness of your current keywords
  • Evaluate successful competitor keywords using our proprietary Backlink Profiler Determine the keywords you should be targeting to support your business goals Prioritize your keywords to maximize your chances for success
  • Monitor the performance of your keywords, recommending new opportunities

How it works and pricing

  • Tell us about you in the form below.
  • We’ll send you additional questions via email.
  • Within 7 days you’ll get a list of recommended keywords
  • Pricing – $__ per report, to be paid upfront.

Our guarantee

  • You’ll get a comprehensive list of keywords, and all the data that will enable you to consider where you should put your focus in terms of content creation. 
  • We’re using the most advanced, creative tactics. 
  • Arik, the founder of Kherk Roldan SEO, we’ll personally work and supervise any report. 
  • We’re honest, hard-working, and have higher expectations from ourselves than you will.