Lazada Store Setup



Establishing a store in an online platform has been proven to be one of the most effective ways in marketing your products because the internet is almost accessible in every way. Using the Lazada platform gives you an opportunity to sell your products locally and globally, thus giving you an opportunity to generate more income!

This service is for individuals/business owners who want to:

  • Set up their business and brand in Lazada 
  • Sell their products across the platform
  • Customize their store consistently with their brand
  • Product Optimization
  • Organize their products and store in the platform

Sell your products across different locations thru Lazada Store!


This service will help you set up and organize your business and products in the Lazada store, thus will give a larger target audience for your business!

What Does Our Lazada Store Set up Do?

  • Basic Set-up of your business, including putting the basic and important information of your business on the platform
  • Choose and edit the images and products of your business in high-resolution formats
  • Upload and organize your business products
  • Content creation including the accurate, easy understand and detailed description and specifications of your products
  • Strategic planning of sales and sales promotion
  • Store compliance list of requirements
  • Target Market and Audience expansion
  • Product submission for sales of your business products to be marketed in your store
  • Promotional Newsletter and landing pages

Our Services aim to provide your brand and business an increase in exposure and expansion across locations inside the platform! 

Why Choose us to Setup your Lazada Store?

We help you super easy to start selling online! 


We will do all the heavy lifting for you. So you can save time focusing on growing the business.


We will screen and consult on how to improve your descriptions to make sure they are searchable in marketplaces.


Rank your content in Google and in shopee


Set up, organize, and customize your online store with us!

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