Full Onpage SEO Optimization


Onpage SEO Optimization Service Inclusions:

✅Optimize 40 pages / post/ product
✅Check the Target Keyword Matches the User’s Intent
✅Have the target keyword in the URL, Title, and Heading
✅Use Focus Keyword in 1st Paragraph
✅Use a Single H1 on Each Page
✅Set an Enticing, yet SEO-Oriented Meta Title
✅Write a Compelling Meta Description
✅Use Subheadings for Content Hierarchy
✅Format and Style the Content Properly
✅Link to Relevant Inner Pages
✅Link out to relevant, authoritative websites
✅Never Link to a Page/Website with the Same Anchor the Current Page is Targeting
✅Name Your Images Properly
✅Set Images Alt Text
✅Check for Social Markup
✅Check Dwell Time and Optimize It
✅Strike for the Featured Snippet
✅Fix Missing and Duplicate Meta Titles and Descriptions

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