Paid SEO Audit


Check the description below to know what includes in our Paid SEO audit.

A comprehensive SEO Audit is very important for the online existence of any business. Kherk Roldan Advanced Digital Solutions’ dependable SEO audit provides a detailed analysis and an implementation plan that is aimed at helping to identify SEO issues and to fix them for significant SEO improvements. Our SEO audit services are 100% transparent and analyze your site’s technical, on-page, and off-page SEO.

What is included in an SEO audit?
Depending on your situation, our SEO audit service can include each of the following if it affects your website’s performance:
  • Domains
  • Subdomains
  • URLs
  • Redirects
  • 404 page
  • Robots.txt
  • Indexing issues
  • Crawl issues
  • Canonicalization issues
  • Page load time
  • Structured data recommendations
  • HTML and XML sitemaps
  • Navigation and file structure
  • Template-specific recommendations
  • Internal linking strategies
  • External linking strategies
  • Keywords
  • Page titles and meta tags
  • Content
  • Duplicate content
  • Thin pages
  • Under-optimized pages
  • Data feed optimization
  • Conversions
  • Analytics
  • Webmaster accounts
  • Local targeting
  • Citation improvements
  • Image optimization
  • Mobile optimization
  • International targeting
  • Google News inclusion
  • Digital assets
  • Social media indicators
  • Blog optimization
  • Information architecture
  • Usability concerns
  • Coordination with ADA requirements (edited)
  • Knowledge Graph optimization

The SEO audit will cover all the considerations around your website that play a major role in the online performance of your business.  

How do we perform a detailed SEO audit?

We understand that having your site not optimized the way you want is a painful experience. SEO audits are customized based on the industry you are in, here are some major aspects that we handle when performing SEO Audit:

  • Technical SEO Audit
  • Off-page SEO AUdit
  • Architecture and code review
  • Content SEO Audit

Our specialists use their experience and expertise and state of the art technological tools to perform a comprehensive SEO audit and check the health of your website by analyses of improvement plan of:

  • Crawling and indexing
  • Keyword usage
  • Site speed
  • Content optimization
  • Site architecture
  • Mobile optimization
Why invest in our paid SEO audit?

Our SEO audit is aimed at helping businesses identify and analyze their strengths and weaknesses so that their issues get resolved at the right time. Here is why a dependable SEO audit is worth the money.

  • Save time and money

Marketing managers and other professionals have a lot of business matters to handle and it takes time to conduct a detailed audit. Similarly, hiring an in-house SEO team is another challenging task. If you hire an expert SEO professional to tun an SEO audit, you will save a lot of time and money.

  • Improved performance of your site

When you get a professional SEO audit service, you will be able to identify the major SEO issues that are holding online progress back and eventually resolve them thus leading to improved business performance. As you begin to rank for valuable keywords, the website traffic will improve as more users visit your site.

  • Improved rate of return

A detailed analysis of your website’s health will lead to its improved appearance in organic search results and ultimately lead to improved return on investment and revenue for your business.

Regardless of your need, SEO audits are the first steps to creating an online marketing strategy that works.