Shopee Store Setup and SEO Optimization



Shopee is known to have an average of 2 million orders every day. The platform allows sellers to sell a  wide variety of products under various categories. Fortunately, Kherk Roldan Advanced Digital Solutions is capable of helping you in your Shopee store setup and SEO optimization processes. Similarly, we will also help you in effective search engine optimization of your Shopee store. 

Setting up Shopee Store

Here is a series of steps we follow for your Shopee store set up and optimization efficiently so that you can continue to engage your audience and increase your conversions online:

  • Creating a Store

This is the very first step that includes getting your Shopee store activated in accordance with your documentation and prerequisites.

  • Product Listings

This includes uploading your products with descriptions, names, photos, and other details required.

  • Store Design

This step involves designing your store with a user interface that engages your audience and enhances the shopping experience as well as conversion rate.

  • Consultation

We help you get the best out of your Shopee store and follow the most effective strategies that are helpful in attracting more buyers.

Why Choose us to Setup your Shopee Store?

There are a lot of reasons why you should choose to work with Kherk Roldan Advanced Digital Solutions and here are some of them:

  • Time-Saving

We take care of every aspect from setup to a complete SEO strategy so that you can focus on your business without having to spend a lot of time in Shopee store setup and optimization management.

  • Content Optimization

The optimization of content, as well as images of your products on Shopee, is of inevitable importance for you to rank higher in search results.

  • We will train you

We care about your business just like our own. Therefore, our services are not only to set up and optimize once and for all but to train you to help you with the best practices that can help you keep engaging your audience. 

What does our Shopee SEO service include?

We ensure that your Shopee store does well and your products always rank high with the following practices:

  • Tracking, analyzing, and reporting on the metrics regarding your online audience 
  • Conductive competitor analysis
  • Helping you achieve Shopee marketing objectives through effective digital marketing and SEO strategies
  • Actively seeking for improvement areas of your store by monitoring, clicks, rankings, and sales
  • Proactively observing and analyzing latest trends and opportunities of Shopee that helps in SEO improvements
  • Identifying critical SEO keywords that affect the performance of your Shopee store
  • Keeping you up to date with the SEO and eCommerce industry
Let us take care of your Shopee store!

Kherk Roldan Advanced Digital Solutions is always ready and willing to help our clients attract more customers and increase their sales through effective SEO strategies. We understand your business and plan SEO practices that keep your customers aware and your products rank higher in the search engines and eCommerce platforms like Shopee. So, do not worry, and let us handle all the leg work of setting up and optimizing your shopee store for maximum visibility and customer engagement.