Shopee Store Setup



It is important that your Shopee store looks presentable and well-decorated on Shopee’s application and website. This will allow traction and traffic to come to you and will eventually lead up to an increase in sales plus a whole army of loyal customers. 

We provide professional Shopee store setup services starting from consultation, collect product information, setup and activate, and start to sell on Shopee.


Benefits Of Using our Shopee Store Decoration


  • It can bring additional traffic to your business page

  • You can showcase your best selling products as well as promotions as to increase visibility and exposure

  • This lets you create a layout that is best suited to your brand

  • Your brand can stand out from competitors

  • If done well, you will get more clicks and a higher conversion rate

What Does Our Shopee Store Set up Do?

  • Account creation
  • Store design
  • SEO Optimization
  • Product upload
  • We will manage all documents and prerequisites of any Marketplaces account creation and activate your Shopee store accordingly.
  • Basic Set-up of your business, including putting the basic and important information of your business on the platform
  • Choose and edit the images and products of your business in high-resolution formats


We Make sure that your seller profile and your store page are not only aesthetically pleasing but also trustworthy in appearance. Looking legitimate and authentic instead of shady and sketchy can help you achieve the number of sales that you have been longing for so long. 

Why Choose us to Setup your Shopee Store?

We help you super easy to start selling online! 



We will do all the heavy lifting for you. So you can save time focusing on growing the business.



We will screen and consult on how to improve your descriptions to make sure they are searchable in marketplaces.



Rank your content in Google and in shopee


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