Shopify Speed Optimization


Our Shopify Speed Optimization services includes:

  • Image optimization
  • Lazy load images
  • Setting properly size for images
  • Optimize fonts loading
  • Lazy load for videos
  • App analysis and old app code removal
  • Minify and combine JS and CSS files
  • Lazy load external scripts
  • Reduce the number of HTTP requests

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If you are running an online store,  it is critical to keep your users engaged and make them shop from your Store and all that is possible when your side takes less time to load thus being harmful to conversions Revenue.  This can be achieved with the professional Shopify speed Optimisation service.  

The Shopify speed Optimisation will help in:

  • overall site performance improvement
  • ranking improvement 
  • increased customer retention
  • higher conversions 
  • Increase entry
  • improved customer return
  • lower Bounce rates
Major  aspects of Shopify Speed Optimisation service

There are various Shopify speed Optimization techniques that are applicable to a Shopify site but there are some of the major aspects listed:

  • The GT metrix core and Google page speed insights
  • Compressing the images
  •  identification of bugs for render-blocking
  •  reducing the number of HTTP calls when the page loads
  •   reducing the number of unnecessary applications installed on the Shopify store
  •  decreasing all the factors responsible for the low birth rate of your Shopify Store
How it works

Here are some simple and basic steps that we follow to provide you with the reliable Shopify speed Optimisation service:

1. Evaluating your  Shopify site

 this step involves evaluating and analyzing the performance of your existing Shopify site to look for the areas that need improvement. After our analysis,  we will share our detailed report as well as their recommendations to optimize the speed in the best way possible.

2. Optimization of the store

 after a detailed analysis and Audit,  we ensure to address the specific points identified to make the improvements in required areas.

3. Reporting

 As we get done with the speed optimization process, We will share a report with you following the Google page speed guidelines. 

Why choose us for a professional Shopify speed Optimisation service?

 The need for dependable Shopify site services is mandatory to deliver a great experience to your potential and existing customers. Here are some of the manifold reasons why you should choose us for this service: 

  • Your store will perform faster

Good business professionals keep improving their stores continuously and you should not be left behind.  so we ensure to help you run your store well as it gets the fastest speed.

  • Improved customer engagement and loyalty

 our Shopify speed Optimization will help you retain your customers and Happy customers will keep returning so that you stay had of your competition and improve your brand loyalty.  as your Shopify Store icons perform well,  you will be able to avoid abandoned checkouts and customers switching to competitors.

  • Improved rankings

 and improved Shopify store speed is critical to get higher ranks on Google search engine so we help you keep up with the Google search algorithm

Get started today

Shopify store Optimisation increases your SEO rankings, customer engagement as well as conversion rates because faster online stores encourage people to stay longer and purchase more.  so wait not to get our speed of the migration service and  start increasing your sales today,