Stripe Account Creation


Stripe Account Creation for non supported countries services

If you’re running an e-commerce store, or digital agency you’re likely one of those online business owners who might need Stripe for one purpose or the other.

Of course, there’s no denying that Stripe is an excellent payment tool that you can always integrate with your e-commerce platform or any business. But since Stripe is basically for US citizens, you could get disappointed having seen that you’re in one of Stripe non-supported countries as you cannot create stripe accounts in non supported countries, this is why our services came from. We will help you create your stripe account even you are not in the united states.

Below is a list of the prerequisites for setting up a verified Stripe account:

  1. Setting up an LLC
  2. Obtaining an EIN/Federal Tax ID
  3. Owning a US phone number
  4. Owning a US address
  5. Opening a US bank account

We will help you get all the requirements above and help you setup your stripe account with this services.

All of the 5 prerequisites listed above are essential for getting a verified Stripe account in Stripe non-supported countries. As you can see above, the first step is setting up an LLC, meaning that Stripe requires you to have a US-based company or business.

Meanwhile, it should interest you that setting up an LLC does not only get you a verified Stripe account but also, it projects veritable legal status about your business.

With an LLC to your name, it becomes a lot easy for you to convince prospects and customers that your business is duly registered. One great way you can do this is to attach any documentary proof of your LLC to the “contact us” or “about” page of your website.