Virtual Assistant in the Philippines


This includes 20 hours of Virtual Assistant work in 1 month.

Check the description below to understand our process.

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Whether you’re a business owner, executive, or entrepreneur, having an experienced virtual assistant from the Philippines can help in automation and simplifying tasks like scheduling appointments, running social media marketing campaigns and business customer support can be handled easily and professionally. Kherk Roldan Advance Digital Solutions trains virtual assistants in the Philippines to understand your needs, processes, and culture so that you can leave the legwork to us and focus on your business growth and what you do best.

Each of our virtual assistants has:

  •         Prior remote work experience
  •         The ability to organize business tasks efficiently
  •         The ability to communicate effectively
  •         High level of proficiency with commonly used software and business programs
  •         Tech-savvy and has a wide range of computer skills

We use our administrative skills, knowledge, and expertise to help you with various business tasks that include but are not limited to:

  •         Communication Management

Sending/Receiving messages and responding to your clients and stakeholders in an effective way.

  •         Social Media Management

Managing your business’ social media accounts, Creating your social media posts, and growing your followers.

  •         Calendar Management

Managing your calendar, appointments, and many more.

  •         Expenses and Invoices

Reporting and organizing expenses and sending invoices.

  •         Researches

Using research capabilities to make smarter decisions in the shortest time possible.

  •         Data Entry Work

Entering your data in CMS and CRM, etc.

  •         Content Marketing

Our experienced content marketing strategists use the best digital tools to create compelling content.

  •         Booking and Appointments

We can schedule and manage your appointments, team meetings, and upcoming events.

  •         Event Planning

 Research & book vendors and manage guest lists.

  •         Marketing

We manage email campaigns, surveys, social media, and even update your blogs too.

Why choose us?
  •  Always Ready and Willing to help

When you choose to work with our virtual assistants, you can expect to have maximum comfort as they are always ready to add to their existing skills by learning your business-specific tools and procedures.

  • Administrative tasks handled efficiently

You will get one dedicated virtual assistant from the Philippines to handle all your administrative tasks such that you don’t have to deal with multiple people or even wonder who is taking care of all your business tasks. We have trained our professionals to handle any administrative tasks with timeliness and efficiency so that they are always ready to lend you a hand.

  • Quick Response Time

Your personal virtual assistant will turn back around in the shortest time possible with their tasks done.

  • Top-Notch Quality

With us providing you with virtual assistance service for your business, you can ensure to have the best quality work.

  •  Save Money
    With our virtual assistant taking care of all your administrative tasks, you are not going to pay any recruiting expenses or spend a lot of time conducting interviews.
  • Get the best value for money

Regular office professionals have one skill set. Having our virtual assistants by your side means you will have administrative and technical expertise combined.

  • Office Assistance and Marketing Combined
    You can rely on us for a variety of tasks including word processing, documentation, image processings, appointments, calls and meeting management, data entry, transcriptions, inbound marketing, social media campaigns management, and many more other tasks.
Stay Competitive with your on-demand virtual assistant the Philippines

Our virtual assistants at Kherk Roldan Advanced Digital Solutions are your professional alternative to full-time office employees. You can get started quickly by getting our virtual assistance who can start working with you whenever you need them to meet your professional goals efficiently and effectively. So, let our hand-picked professionals take care of all the time-consuming processes of your business.