Winning Product Research Service (ONSALE 3 CLIENTS ONLY)


Over winning product research services include but are not limited to:

  • 8 Winning Product Research
  • Product upload
  • Detailed Product Description
  • Industry & Niche Analysis
  • Competitor Analysis
  • SEO Optimized Product
  • Quality Images
  • High-demand
  • Trending Product
  • Low Saturation
  • Profitable
  • Problem Solving
  • Quality Images
  • Supplier Research
  • Demographics and Influence
  • Conducting detailed product research analysis
  • Finding products with a high-profit margins

Check the description below to understand our Winning Product Research Process.

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Knowing what to sell is one of the biggest questions you will ask yourself when you decide to build an online store.  How do you choose the products that bring higher returns on investment as well as increasing conversion rates? It all boils down to having winning products.

At Kherk Roldan Advanced Digital Solutions, we provide in-depth ecommerce and dropshipping product analysis to identify the most recent and trending winners. With our product research procedures, we can help you reach your goals by following all of the latest and greatest product research strategies.

Over winning product research services include but are not limited to:

  • High-demand – We’ll hunt for items with a high volume of demand. This signifies that the products on this list are being looked up on the internet.
  • Trending – We will verify each product on Google Trend to see whether there is a favorable trend.
  • Low saturation – This indicates that the items we find for you are in high demand, yet only a few people are selling them.
  • Problem-solving – The list will provide you with items that make it easier to persuade your targeted prospects to purchase them.
  • Profitable – Our professionals will provide you with a list of items with modest capital requirements. You may, however, sell them for a large profit thus improving the return on investment. This implies she will only provide you with a selection of items where big profit margins are conceivable.
  • Product description–  Along with the products, we will also provide complete and reliable product details and descriptions.
  • Quality images – The list you receive contains a collection of clear and high-quality photos that can be added to your Shopify or WordPress store.
  • Supplier List – We’ll also provide you with a list of the top providers for all the things recommended.
  • Demographics and influence – We’ll provide you with a list of client characteristics as well as a list of influencers with whom you may collaborate.
How it works

Kherk Roldan Advanced Digital Solutions is aimed at helping you with the best winning product research service. Our SEO professionals ensure to provide you with:

  • Conducting detailed product research analysis
  • Finding products to build higher revenue
  • Finding niches that are less competitive for new sellers to enter
  • Finding products with greater profit margins 
  • Analyzing competitors
  • Studying trends and forecast
  • Potential revenue calculations
Looking for what’s trending

On this step of our product research,  we work like a  vigilant spy and look for the most trending products that many users have invested in and share their admiration about. Trending and popular products research is a valuable process to help you find winning products to sell and yield greater profits.

Customer spending habits

This part of our research focuses on finding some valuable insights into customer spending habits. Learning about the items which are in demand, and looking for the hottest products in the desired category.

Product reviews

Once you find the product and category of interest, We will look for reviews left by shoppers and we can use both positive and negative ratings to your advantage. Negative reviews help you have the opportunity to transform the frustration of a customer into providing better products and getting sales. 

Keyword research

Whether you want to take a personal passion and earn some money from it or you want to skip this step and just follow the popular trends, our keyword research is an inevitable element  to finding you the best winning products in the market.

Researching best selling platforms 

The best selling list of bigger E-Commerce platforms changes and we will analyze them vigilantly to find you the best selling products that you can add to your Store and start earning.

Competitor analysis 

Most of your competitors have their bestseller list. We will check them out and find if you can have the exact product by studying their product collections. We look for particular patterns and connections among top brands so that we can incorporate those patterns to help you build your own product collection.

Our secret winning product research recipe is all you need

Choosing the right product category and the product itself can be instrumental to your success.  The products you choose to sell will shape your entire business and sales. The main secret to finding the best and winning products to sell comes down to the research you do. 

We know it’s super challenging to find some but this is where we help you. Our process is not random but strategic. Every successful eCommerce brand analyzes its market and if you are still wondering how you do your product research to find the best selling products, you don’t have to worry about it. Our monitoring,  competitor analysis, and comprehensive research strategies are all you need to find the right set of products to fill your store with and generate the desired revenue for your business.