Winning Product Research



Products are the essence of any business. Keeping tab on each new trending product and your rival’s marketing approach is the basic for any entrepreneur. This is where product research services become the saviour. Kherk Roldan Product research services is a leading outsourcing services provider in Philippines. Our expert team offers all kinds of product research services with best quality results and affordable prices for clients across the globe in nations like USA, UK, Canada, UAE, Australia, etc. outsourcing product research will save you valuable resources and time. Get your non-core operations performed by our professionals and achieve high customer satisfaction by focussing more at the core business development.


We cater outsourcing solutions to various industries such as medical, eCommerce, real estate, corporate business, manufacturing, engineering, etc. with our product research services. will get you a reliable team of product researchers who will give you top-quality results at cost-effective prices. We possess highly competent staff and a powerful infrastructure to achieve satisfactory results. Our expert web researchers provide you with accurate and specific research data just a click away!


Almost 90% of store owners are worried about their sales because they select wrong and not selling ecommerce products, So we will provide you just the most demanding & hot selling winning products for your Shopify store or any e-commerce platform with an impressive sale just in the first month.


For product research mostly product researchers use Aliexpress, Alibaba and different platforms for gathering winning Shopify products. But Kherk Roldan product research team uses some advanced paid tools for Dropshipping product research with the complete analysis of the Aliexpress, Alibaba, Amazon, ebay market, private supplier and more. Our product researcher team is well experienced in all dropshipping product research, amazon product research and eBay product research with the experience of two years. We can do any type of niche research and will guarantee you that our products are winning products in every season for any type of e-commerce store.


Our Product Research Services Include

Our product research services are available at pocket-friendly prices and you can avail the variety of service inclusions at Kherk Roldan SEO. Get the following product research services with superior data confidentiality:

  • Contact data research
  • Address details research
  • Competitor’s price research
  • Product URL research
  • Product sales research
  • Research by specifications
  • General product research
  • Product details research
  • Product reviews research
  • Finding SKU number and more. 

Can’t find your required service here? Don’t worry. Just let our customer support team know and we will get you the perfect customized and budgeted solutions very soon.

Process to Perform Product Research Services

Kherk Roldan SEO company is a trusted and promising product research service provider. Here is the carefully crafted stepwise procedure we follow to perform product research work:

Perform Free Trial –

To check the quality of our services, send us the sample piece of your project for our free trial run.

Send Your Requirements –

After the approval of the sample run, send us the details of your product research project requirements with all your research specifications mentioned.

Selecting Tools for Research –

As per your product research requirements, we will choose the appropriate tools and methods to perform your research work.

Perform Product Research –

Our team of expert web researchers then performs your product research work with high accuracy and quality within given time ranges.

Quality Check Round –

To ensure that no errors are found in your database, we perform stringent quality check rounds and ensure 99.9% accurate results.

Submission of Database –

We will send the final file of your researched product data in your required format within the given time frames.


Merits to Outsource Product Research Services


  • Product research services available at cost-effective prices and top-notch quality by India based outsourcing company.
  • State-of-the-art tools and proven methodologies used to perform high accuracy research outputs on time.
  • As per the volume of work, product research work is completed within the given time frames.
  • You will be able to focus on core business operations and beat competitors with strategies.
  • There is no extra investment required in hiring staff, infrastructure, tools, training and management.