Roof Restoration Case Study

Client’s Niche:
Roofing Company Niche

The Website Overview

The client’s roofing company, a top roofing firm, initiated this website to address GMB performance issues. Despite substantial Google traffic, they faced challenges with rankings for irrelevant terms and lacked GMB visibility. This platform aims to optimize its online presence and rectify misguided intent, ensuring targeted visibility and improved performance.

The Biggest Challenge

The site faced a challenge in maximizing Google My Business (GMB) traffic despite its strong presence on Google. The GMB insights revealed an issue with their intent, leading to rankings for irrelevant terms and potential confusion for Googlebot.

The Solution

We identified the need to refine their GMB profile by conducting a thorough analysis. We optimized the primary category and aligned it with the core roof restoration services and related offerings. Additionally, we worked on enhancing their review strategy, ensuring regular updates, and addressing local map spam to strengthen their online presence.
The key takeaway was the importance of accurate categorization and a strategic approach to local market targeting. The primary category significantly influenced rank determination, improving visibility in relevant searches.

The Results

Within just 2 months and three weeks, the GMB page for the roofing website achieved a remarkable milestone by securing the top position with a GMB rank of 1.00. This achievement underscores the effectiveness of our dedicated efforts in optimizing their GMB profile and refining their online strategy.

Key Results

  • GMB Rank Before: Unranked
  • GMB Rank After: 1.00
  • Increase in Leads: 120%
  • Improved Visibility in Relevant Searches
Our client success story is a testament to the transformative impact of strategic GMB optimization. Our commitment and expertise propelled their GMB ranking to 1.00, showcasing our ability to turn challenges into triumphs for our clients.
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