Roofing Case Study

Client’s Niche:

The Website Overview

Our client, a family-owned and operated business, specializing in roofing services, embarked on a mission to bolster its digital footprint through Google My Business (GMB). At the core of their operations was an unwavering commitment to delivering quality craftsmanship, fostering community engagement, and providing support for veterans—an ethos that defined their business identity.

The Biggest Challenge

The site faced challenges in GMB visibility before engaging our services. The website lacked mobile-friendliness, correct keyword targeting, and security. Slow page speed and navigation issues hindered their Google ranking, emphasizing the importance of addressing these technical aspects for improved online visibility.

The Solution

Our team strategically optimized Roofing Lower Merion’s GMB profile by refining primary categories, addressing technical issues, and implementing targeted keyword strategies. This included enhancing mobile responsiveness, ensuring secure browsing, and optimizing the site for speed and user experience. By aligning their online presence with industry best practices, we successfully realigned their GMB intent and set the foundation for improved rankings.

The Results

In just 2 months and 2 weeks, Roofing Lower Merion achieved a remarkable GMB ranking of 1.68, showcasing the impact of our tailored solutions. The transformation was achieved through meticulous attention to detail, addressing technical deficiencies, and aligning their online presence with industry standards.

Key Results

  • GMB Ranking: Moved from 20+ to 1.68
  • Optimal Page Speed and Navigation
  • Secure Website Browsing
  • Enhanced Keyword Targeting
  • Improved Mobile Friendliness
This case study exemplifies our dedication to transforming businesses’ online visibility. Roofing Lower Merion’s ascent to a GMB ranking of 1.68 highlights our commitment to excellence and expertise in addressing critical technical and strategic aspects.
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