Roofing Los Angeles Case Study

Client’s Niche:

Roofing Los Angeles

The Website Overview

Our client, a prominent figure in the metal roofing sector, aimed to amplify its online visibility via Google My Business (GMB). Despite receiving considerable traffic from Google, the GMB performance fell short of expectations. The primary hurdle lay in misdirected intent, evidenced by rankings for incongruous terms and a noticeable absence of GMB visibility.

The Biggest Challenge

Before engaging our services, the client faced challenges in GMB ranking. The primary issues identified were misaligned keywords, insufficient utilization of social media, complex URLs, and a website not optimized for mobile users. These challenges hindered the GMB’s performance and limited the organic traffic flow.

The Solution

Upon partnering with our company, Kherk Roldan Whitelabel SEO Solutions, strategic changes were implemented. We realigned the primary category on the GMB profile to accurately reflect the business focus, addressing the misalignment in intent.
Additionally, we optimized social media engagement, simplified URLs, and enhanced mobile responsiveness, comprehensively resolving the identified challenges.

The Results

Within 3 months, the GMB page radically transformed, securing the top-ranking position at 1.00. This significant improvement highlighted the effectiveness of our dedicated efforts in overcoming the initial challenges. The enhanced visibility led to a substantial increase in organic traffic and customer engagement.

Key Results

  • GMB ranking: 1.00
  • Improved keyword alignment
  • Enhanced social media presence
  • Simplified and optimized URLs
  • Mobile-friendly website design
This case study is a testament to our commitment and expertise in delivering tangible results. Through strategic adjustments and meticulous optimization, we propelled the GMB page to the coveted top position, showcasing our ability to turn challenges into success stories.
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