SAP Business Case Study

Client’s Niche:
SAP Business

The Website Overview

Our client, a leading player in the SAP Business industry, sought to enhance its online presence through Google My Business (GMB). Despite substantial traffic from Google, their GMB performance was suboptimal. The challenge was rooted in misguided intent, with rankings for irrelevant terms and a lack of GMB visibility.

The Biggest Challenge

The GMB faced issues, including bad backlinks, overly competitive keywords, and a lack of relevant content. Technical issues, mobile unfriendliness, and inconsistent content compounded the problem. The initial intent misalignment resulted in poor GMB rankings, hindering the client’s online visibility.

The Solution

We strategically addressed the challenges. By refining the primary category from a generic term to a more specific one aligned with SAP Business, the GMB profile saw remarkable improvement. This change and ongoing efforts to enhance local map presence showcased the significance of targeted category selection. The GMB listing rose from an average rank of 6.92 to an impressive 1.00, resulting in a 116% surge in calls from first-time customers.

The Results

In just two months, We transformed the GMB ranking for SAP Business, securing the top position. The dedicated efforts and strategic adjustments elevated rankings and significantly increased customer engagement. 
This case study is concrete evidence that our professional approach and commitment can turn challenges into success, making the impossible possible for our clients.
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