SEO Company Case Study

Client’s Niche:
SEO Company

The Website Overview

Our client created a website for their SEO company. The company offers various services, including search engine optimization, web development, digital advertising, analytics, and social media marketing. However, they approached us intending to enhance their online presence, particularly on Google My Business (GMB). Despite their strong performance on Google, their GMB page was not attracting the desired traffic. 

The Biggest Challenge

Before partnering with us, our client faced several challenges hindering their GMB success. These included tough competition, non-indexed pages, lack of mobile-friendliness, suboptimal meta tags, poor content optimization, insufficient quality content, absence of high-quality backlinks, minimal social media activity, issues with the website builder, slow page load speed, and the possibility of a formal penalty.

The Solution

Upon thorough analysis, we implemented strategic changes. We optimized the primary category of the GMB profile, fine-tuning it to align with the services that held the highest potential in their local market. This adjustment significantly boosted their GMB performance, resulting in a remarkable ascent in rankings. It showcased the importance of a well-defined primary category and meticulous attention to local market dynamics.

The Results

With our tailored approach, the GMB page achieved a remarkable rank of 1.00 within just 8 weeks. The tangible outcomes included increased visibility, higher click-through rates, and a substantial boost in leads. Our team’s dedicated efforts and expertise were instrumental in turning the client’s GMB fortunes around.

Key Results

  • Increased rank from nothing to 1.00
  • 80% surge in website traffic
  • 50% boost in qualified leads
This case study exemplifies our commitment to delivering concrete results. By addressing specific challenges and leveraging our expertise, we propelled the SEO company’s GMB page to the coveted top position. The success story underscores our dedication to driving meaningful outcomes for our clients.
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