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Ruben cabantug

FB Chatbot Expert

SEO maybe one of those neglected topics in ecom industry in our country. Maka FB ads lang and messenger ok nay. But after watching some modules in the tutorial made me realized one thing. Data is King. Kherk made an easy to understand and execute approach on how to do SEO for ecommerce. Drive organic traffic to your shops as easy as 1,2,3.

Kherk Roldan

SEO Coach

What You’ll Get During This SEO Consulting Strategy Call

My consulting process focuses on learning your company and what methods of SEO have been implemented or need to add. Once I get a thorough understanding of your goals, we’ll conduct in-depth research on every aspect of your site and internet presence. I take what I learn, develop a strategy, then create a process for implementation, complete with tailored recommendations.

SEO Strategy Development

Not sure what you need? I'll help you define a custom SEO needs assessment and strategy for long-term search marketing success.

Implementation Guidelines

Do you already have a clear direction in mind for search engine optimization but need help knowing how best to implement your ideas without losing rankings? I can guide your development team through challenging technical situations.

Redesign Guidance

Does your site rank competitively, and now you’re terrified to redesign because of the possibility of losing your placement? Let me create a strategy document for the redesign and work with your development team to ensure that the impact is nominal when you take that leap.

About Kherk Roldan

I created Kherkroldanseo.com to provide a range of training courses and tutorials for anyone looking to learn about SEO. I am a Philippine-based SEO Expert who has been in the industry for 9 years now. 

  • Recognized as one of the top SEO experts and guru in the world of eCommerce world in the Philippines.
  • Featured in one of the leading international eCommerce company in the Philippines.
  • Working directly in my SEO agency with over 500+ clients and helped them increase there traffic and revenue online.
  • Teaches 10k + students in SEO and Ecommerce SEO

Why They Recommend Having an SEO Consultation Call

martha Jones

FB Ads Expert

Great speakers on the other hand do all that and much more. Mr. Kherk Roldan is such a great speaker because aside from providing value-laden learnings, he is genuinely concerned that each student would grasp what he is imparting. Moreover, he is so generous and so passionate in sharing his ideas. It is evident in the way he carefully prepared his course module.

lhey armedilla

Ecommerce Expert

Thank you coach Kherk for sharing with us your experience and knowledge regarding SEO. is well structured and easy to understand. very well design that is perfect for someone who is new to field of SEO! This will be very helpful for us especially those who are running FB ads. Getting sales and traffic organically is what I'm looking forward in the future. I' am really excited to apply all your lessons in my store.

nhoy santos

Ecommerce Expert

Your training is straightforward to understand. I will clear many basics for zero to the best level and recommend for SEO newbies just like me because it is a step-by-step process.

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