SEO Services Case Study

Client’s Niche:

SEO Services

The Website Overview

Our client built a website for a dominant force in the SEO services niche and has cultivated a robust online presence catering to businesses of all scales. This website overview delves into the client’s rich history and commitment to diverse business scales. The intent is clear – to enhance online visibility through GMB, unlocking untapped potential in the digital landscape. The journey is a testament to the client’s adaptability and the immense benefits of a well-optimized GMB presence in reaching a broader audience.

The Biggest Challenge

The challenge was clear — the GMB page was not ranking at the top. The client recognized a misalignment in intent, reflected in the terms they unintentionally targeted. Additionally, their online visibility faced hurdles such as poor search engine optimization, competitive keyword phrases, and suboptimal engagement on social media. Reviews were lacking, and backlink authority was minimal.

The Solution

Our intervention involved a strategic overhaul, addressing each challenge systematically. By refining the primary category to match the client’s services precisely, we witnessed a substantial rise in GMB rankings. The switch, coupled with ongoing efforts to enhance reviews, optimize content, and foster backlinks, propelled the GMB listing to an impressive rank of 1.00.

The Results

After just 2 months and 3 weeks of collaboration with our team, the GMB page for our client in the SEO services niche now proudly sits at the coveted rank of 1.00. The transformation is reflected in increased visibility, improved click-through rates, and a surge in customer inquiries.
This shift resulted in a significant uptick in leads, showcasing the tangible impact of our SEO expertise.

Key Results

  • The primary category switch led to a 116% increase in first-time customer calls.
  • Optimized content and backlinks contributed to a 1.00 GMB ranking.
  • Enhanced social media presence and positive reviews fortified online authority
This case study exemplifies the prowess of our services in turning GMB challenges into triumphs. The dedicated efforts and strategic interventions employed not only elevated the client’s GMB rank but also significantly boosted their online visibility and lead generation.
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