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We deliver heightened search visibility, better rankings, and increased organic traffic, resulting in more customers.


Our talented team, comprised of highly data-driven individuals and creative free-thinkers, allows us to take both a quantitative and qualitative approach to our professional search engine optimization services. Our team will perform a deep audit of your website, configure industry-leading crawling and tracking tools, and develop a clear roadmap that identifies key opportunities and associated tasks. From there, we’ll work closely with your team to execute the plan to drive more qualified visitors to your website through organic search. Our SEO experts know that it takes in-depth research and strategic planning to push a site forward.

how we do it

  • step 1
    We start by providing you a FREE SEO audit of your website to understand your website issues and provide implementations to fix those issues.
  • step 2
    We rigorously and continuously crawl and review the technical implementation of your website to ensure it is fully optimized for organic search and Google’s algorithm.
  • STEP 3
    We identify the keywords and phrases that will drive converting organic traffic and work to improve their rankings with content updates, optimization adjustments, and link building.
  • STEP 4
    The SEO experts at Kherk Roldan SEO will dive deep into your analytics to uncover larger necessary changes and any small but compelling nuggets of data.

SEO Services Overview

Technical SEO Site Audit

A comprehensive website review to ensure best practices are implemented and opportunities are identified.

Keyword Research

Deep research to identify the words, phrases, and questions your target market is typing into the search bar.

Content Optimization

Optimizing content to rank better for keywords through interlinking, title and meta tag adjustments, content updates, schema implementations, and more.

Link Building

We analyze our links and competitors backlinks, and then we will decide our tactics to use, including guest posting, link roundups, broken linkbuilding , resource page link building, and more.

Penalty Recovery

A thorough process to identify the penalty root cause, execute an action plan to correct the issue, and build and submit the reconsideration request for Google.

Analytics and Report

Deep analysis of all website and bot traffic analytics to uncover insightful trends, opportunities for improvements, and risks to the business. We will also providing you a month to month SEO reporting.

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