Shop by Ella Bella Case Study

Client’s Niche:
Client’s Website:
Note: If the website is down or not visible, maybe the owner didn’t renew the subscription.

Client's Website Overview

Shop by Ella Bella is an e-commerce website catering to the niche of shapewear, dedicated to promoting body positivity and women’s confidence. The client’s mission is to deliver 100% satisfaction and boost confidence through body-positive shapewear, with a vision to spread body positivity. 
This E-commerce website has a guarantee and holds a certificate for approved e-commerce operations, bolstering trust and confidence among all customers.

Website Building Process

We created a five-page e-commerce website for Shop by Ella Bella, encompassing Home, Leggings, Shapewear, About Us, and Refund Policy sections.
  • Homepage: we built this section to highlight the brand’s founding story and unique approach to curating products. Testimonials and featured videos showcasing customer satisfaction and product quality were also included.  And lastly, a subscription option for a discount and exclusive deals is prominently featured.
  • Leggings (Product Page): this page showcases Ella Bella’s leggings products.
  • Shapewear (Product Page): This section offers a catalog with two categories: Body Suits and Leggings, featuring 4 products of body suits and 1 legging product.
  • About Us Page: this section created an “About Us” to provide insights into Ella Bella’s mission, vision, and commitment to body positivity.
  • Refund Policy:  for this last section, we created this section to let customers be guided on initiating returns and handling damaged or incorrect items. Also, a return policy specifies return eligibility criteria for all customers.
With a strong foundation, we built a website that perfectly reflects Shop by Ella Bella’s mission, ensuring a confident and satisfying experience.

Website Enhancement Elements

To make the website outstands we implemented crucial improvements to enhance the E-Commerce website for Shop by Ella Bella, prioritizing user-friendly features, visual aesthetics, and credibility.
  1. Navigation – we’ve optimized the website’s navigation to be incredibly user-friendly, ensuring customers can easily access all sections.
  2. Content – our team has crafted concise, engaging content that aligns seamlessly with the brand’s mission and vision, resonating with the target audience.
  3. Branding – the website’s design has been meticulously curated, adhering to a visually pleasing aesthetic. Our team has harmoniously incorporated light pink and dark pink tones, aligning with the color brand of the logo and creating a cohesive and appealing experience for all shoppers.
  4. Buttons – to make the purchase easy, we’ve prominently featured a cart or checkout button, ensuring effortless transactions.  Customers also can now find products swiftly with our integrated search bar and hassle-free order tracking to make it more convenient for all customers to monitor their purchases and deliveries.
  5. Turnaround – we executed a lightning-fast turnaround for Shop by Ella Bella, completing the entire website in just one week. This efficient timeline ensured a seamless shopping experience for all customers, demonstrating our commitment to delivering results quickly and precisely.

Overall Website Design

This case study underscores Kherk Roldan Whitelabel SEO Solutions’ ability to successfully develop an engaging and user-friendly e-commerce website for Shop by Ella Bella. The website reflects the brand’s mission and vision, offers a wide range of products, and ensures customer satisfaction through a transparent refund policy. The design and functionality contribute to a pleasant shopping experience, making it a trusted platform for shapewear enthusiasts.
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