Souq Deals Me Case Study

Client’s Niche:
General Trendy Products
Client’s Website:
Note: If the website is down or not visible, the owner may not have renewed the subscription. 

Client's Website Overview

Souq Deal Me, an e-commerce platform specializing in General Trendy Products, is a testament to Kherk Roldan Advanced Digital Solutions’ prowess in crafting exceptional online experiences. Souq Deal Me’s mission revolves around delivering unique products at amazing prices, fostering an engaging shopping environment. The website holds a guarantee and an approved e-commerce certificate, instilling confidence and trust in its customers.

Website Building Process

We created a dynamic five-page e-commerce platform for Souq Deal Me, featuring Home, Fitness, Smart Gadget, Travel and Outdoor, and Blog sections.
  • Homepage: The journey begins with a captivating hero image, showcasing the essence of the products. Popular products like smart tracking watches and alarm clock Bluetooth speakers are highlighted. Sections for fitness, travel, and smart gadgets are introduced, each with a compelling quote and a “Shop Now” button. Testimonials reinforce the brand’s credibility.
  • Fitness (Product Page): A dedicated page for fitness enthusiasts featuring three carefully selected products. Each product has crisp images and concise descriptions to energize and improve fitness.
  • Smart Gadget (Product Page): Four innovative gadgets take the spotlight on this page. The focus is on quality, simplicity, and amazement. The layout ensures easy navigation and quick access to product details.
  • Travel and Outdoor (Product Page): For lovers of the great outdoors, this page showcases three must-have products. The design echoes the call of nature, enticing customers to explore the world equipped with Souq Deal Me’s offerings.
  • Blog Page: A source of valuable information, the blog features two articles. These articles engage and educate visitors, enhancing the overall shopping experience.
Establishing a solid groundwork, we seamlessly crafted the Souq Deal Me website. This digital platform mirrors the brand’s mission, promising customers an engaging and fulfilling shopping adventure.

Website Enhancement Elements

  1. Navigation: Designed for easy access, the navigation structure ensures a seamless and user-friendly experience.
  2. Content: Crafted in alignment with the company’s vision, the content is concise, engaging, and tailored to the target audience.
  3. Web-Friendly: The website is optimized for various digital devices, ensuring accessibility for many users.
  4. Branding: The website embodies the brand’s identity with a color palette of red, green, and black and a theme of white and red. Consistent use of fonts maintains a cohesive visual identity.
  5. Buttons: Strategically placed buttons for cart/check-out, a guaranteed website certificate, and an approved e-commerce certification contribute to a secure and trustworthy shopping environment.
  6. Turnaround: In just one week, we turned the vision of Souq Deal Me into a fully functional and aesthetically pleasing e-commerce website.
Footer: (included in all pages)
The footer section anchors Souq Deal Me’s online presence, designed to enhance user experience, transparency, and accessibility. It provides quick links for easy navigation, ensuring customers can swiftly find essential information such as product tracking, contact details, and search functionalities.

Overall Website Design

In emphasizing our proficiency, the development of Souq Deal Me’s e-commerce platform is a testament to our capability. The website intricately mirrors the brand’s ethos, providing a diverse product range and ensuring customer contentment with a clear-cut refund policy. The website’s design and functionality create a delightful shopping journey, establishing it as a reliable hub for aficionados of general trendy products.
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