Trampoline Park Niche Case Study

Client’s Niche:
Trampoline Park Niche

The Website Overview

To boost its regional impact, the client established a website with a focus on local visibility. Prioritizing practicality, the site emphasizes activities and features that resonate with the community. This strategic shift aims to attract and engage families, fostering a stronger connection and its target audience.

The Biggest Challenge

The site faced a significant challenge with its Google My Business (GMB) page not ranking at the top. Despite receiving substantial traffic from Google, GMB wasn’t performing as expected. The challenge was identified as a misalignment of intent, possibly due to competitive keywords, underutilization of social media, complex URLs, and potential issues with mobile optimization.

The Solution

After a thorough analysis, We recommended optimizing the GMB profile by adjusting the primary category to better align with user intent. This strategic move and ongoing efforts to maintain a robust GMB profile with regular reviews and spam clean-up led to a remarkable improvement. The GMB listing’s average rank surged from 6.92 to an impressive 1.04, demonstrating the impact of strategic category selection and proactive profile management.

The Results

Within two months of implementing the recommended changes, the GMB page successfully achieved a rank of 1.04. This significant improvement highlighted the effectiveness of Kherk Roldan Whitelabel SEO Solutions’ dedicated efforts and expertise in optimizing GMB listings. 
The enhanced visibility on Google increased the page’s reach and resulted in a notable uptick in leads and customer engagement.

Key Results

  • Strategic category adjustment from personal injury to the more relevant category.
  • Ongoing efforts in maintaining a strong GMB profile, including regular reviews and spam clean-up.
  • The average rank position improved from 20+ to 1.04
This case study is compelling evidence of our ability to turn GMB challenges into success stories. By addressing key issues and implementing strategic changes, the GMB page not only secured a top-ranking position but also experienced a substantial increase in leads and customer interactions.
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