Video Game Addiction Case Study

Client’s Niche:
Video Game Addiction

The Website Overview

Our client, crafted a website aimed to bolster the online visibility of her counseling services specializing in video game counseling. Despite significant website traffic, the Google My Business (GMB) performance fell short of expectations. The primary challenge lay in a misaligned intent, resulting in rankings for unrelated terms and a lack of visibility on the GMB platform.
The website emphasizes a collaborative and non-judgmental approach to address a range of mental health issues for kids, teens, adults, couples, and families.

The Biggest Challenge

The GMB page struggled to secure the top ranking, hindering the reach of those seeking help for video game addiction. The initial intent of the page was slightly off, leading to rankings for terms that didn’t align with the target audience’s search queries. This misalignment impacted the visibility and traffic to the GMB page.

The Solution

Upon analysis, the primary category of the GMB profile was adjusted to better align with the target audience’s search intent. This strategic switch from a broader category to a more specific one, akin to changing from personal injury to employment, significantly improved the GMB’s performance. The rank position soared, and the page began appearing at the top of relevant searches. It’s crucial to note that this success was built upon a strong foundation, including a well-maintained GMB profile with regular posts and proactive efforts to combat local map spam.

The Results

With the expert intervention of our team, the GMB page now proudly holds the top spot with a perfect 1.00 ranking. In just two months, the strategic adjustments led to a substantial increase in visibility and engagement.

Key Results

  • GMB ranking improved from nothing to 1.00.
  • Increased click-through rate and visibility for targeted searches.
  • Enhanced online presence, establishing the GMB page as a go-to resource for video game addiction counseling.
We demonstrated its expertise in optimizing GMB profiles, ensuring that the GMB page now ranks at the pinnacle. This case study serves as concrete evidence of the company’s dedication and proficiency in delivering tangible results.
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